A closet full of nothing to wear - it's a problem I identify with daily. How can you make new outfits from the old stuff you find in your closet? Well, if you're looking for a little inspiration for new ways to wear old clothes, this is a curated collection of how to re-wear your clothes in different ways. From the 30x30 to Friday Favorites, you're sure to find a few ideas to get you started.


30x30 is a challenge created by Kendi Everyday - it's essentially creating a capsule wardrobe out of 30 items and wearing only those items for 30 days. It's a great way to think differently about your clothes, because 15-20 days in you're really stretching to find new ways to wear the same clothes! I've completed the 30x30 challenge for both fall/winter and spring/summer, so if you're looking for some outfit inspiration capsule wardrobe style, check out my 30x30 collections below!

30x30 Fall/Winter Edition (2014 - In progress!)
30x30 Spring/Summer Edition (2012)


Take One, Pass it on is the brain child of Sarah from Sarah's Real Life. It's an easier version of 30x30 - instead of curating an entire capsule wardrobe from scratch, you simply take one piece from the day before and pass it on to your next outfit.  I loved this challenge because it really stretched my imagination on the days I only wore a sweater or leggings to pass on. I've completed this challenge twice (and Friday Favorites was inspired by this idea!) so take a look at these archives for some fun ideas on wearing things you find in your own closet.


The "Friday Favorites Remix" is a little challenge I decided to do in 2013 - I took one item from the week before and re-wore it in a new way. I found great new ways to wear favorite pieces and get the most bang for my buck. Browse the archives of Friday Favorites here and get inspired! Remixing is more than just wearing again - it's creating a completely different look using the same piece. So if you're interested in going from rocker chic to girly to preppy with one dress, this collection should be inspiring.

Friday Favorites Remix Archives (2013)