AJ Wears :: A Two Piece Dress

In my never ending quest to build the perfect versatile wardrobe - particularly for travel - I love little hacks like today's "dress." The first time I wore it, my friend Maegan commented, "Cute dress!" and I pulled the waistband of the skirt out with excitement and said, "IT'S TWO PIECES!"

Yes, this two piece set is a modern wonder. I imagine I'll pack this for my summer excursions and wear the top with white pants and wedges, then the next day the skirt with a white silk tank. At night, I'll put the two together for the perfect dinner dress and wonder if people can smell the fact that I've worn the same two pieces for three days in a row. Easy, breezy, travel Febreze (the Gain smell makes it feel like you actually did laundry). 

Speaking of travel and walking in general, these JustFab flats are my latest favorite find. They're just dainty enough that it feels like you're wearing a dressy sandal, but comfortable for walking. For some reason the pathetic excuse for a heel still makes me feel like I'm wearing heels, so that's a win in my book.

Top, JustFab (exact).
Bottom, JustFab (exact).
Heels, c/o JustFab (exact in several colors).
Necklace, local boutique Fringe.

This post is not sponsored by JustFab but might as well be, since I'm a walking model for them right now. I am a Brand Ambassador, though, just for some full transparency stuff so the FTC doesn't come for my very fashionable bones.

AJ Wears :: A Lemon Dress

On my way to work this morning, I thought extensively about the new Beauty and The Beast. While it was magical and enchanting and Emma Watson was a lovely Belle, I found myself thinking it would have been even better had they hired someone who could really sing. Her voice was so over-processed and pushed that they could never have tackled one of my favorite numbers from the Broadway show, Home. A more seasoned singer could have knocked that out of the PARK and introduced a beautiful song to new generations. This is what bothered me about La La Land too - I TOTALLY get that Emma & Ryan would draw in a crowd, and the movie is about normal "just like us" people but why not give that opportunity to a Broadway actress? As someone who spent years of her life in musical theatre and voice lessons, it's always bothered me when lesser-known actresses get glazed over for famous girls that can't really sing that well.

Side note: Did you hear Emma Watson was cast in both B&TB & La La Land and had to choose? Ugh. Really loved you as Hermione and feminist, tho. 

WHILE I'M ON THE SUBJECT - Can we please get a lesser known musical for those "blah blah blah LIVE!" productions? Err'body in the world has seen Grease. Let's see Crazy For You or Thoroughly Modern Millie or Kiss Me Kate or okay now I'm just naming all of the musicals I like.

Anyway, here's what I wore this weekend.

And since I only managed to snap two photos on my iPhone of this outfit, here's a selfie with a corndog. Super casual.

Dress, Forever 21 (as I predicted on Twitter - this has sold out. Check local stores and blame Gal Meets Glam's large following for buying it out // this one's cute tho).
Shoes, Donina by JustFab.
Bag, Louis Vuitton.

AJ Wears :: A Black Jumpsuit

Anytime I buy a jumpsuit or a dress, I ask myself if it can do double duty - i.e., can I wear something under this for a new look? Turtlenecks, striped tees, and lacy tops all look GREAT under dresses and jumpsuits, and the added layer can make the look more casual or work appropriate. This jumpsuit from Tobi.com is a little dressy and revealing for every day, but with a tee underneath it was the perfect outfit for afternoon patio'ing with Zoey the Pug. Who, was so dramatic about having to be in public, refused to walk back to the car. I had to carry that 25 lb lump all the way down the street...I have no idea where she gets all that diva from (I do. It's me).

Jumpsuit, c/o Tobi (exact).
Tee, H&M (exact).
Sandals, JustFab.
Necklace, local boutique Fringe (similar from BaubleBar for you non-LR peeps).
Bag, Jimmy Choo via Poshmark (shop the Biker Bag on Poshmark).

Dog, Mine. You can't have her.