AJ Wears :: Anchor Shorts

Two things - I don't know what's happening. I remember Arkansas in August as moving into my dorm, sweating off about 25 lbs, and barely making it up and down the dorm stairs. So imagine my surprise at an Arkansas August that's amazing enough to sit on the patio at 4pm and then you need a sweater by 9! I'm in love. Secondly, today's ensemble is super chill but this is what I wear to run errands and patio drink. These espadrilles were an earlier summer purchase, but then I stepped in a giant mud puddle while I was walking my dog and almost destroyed them! After a Dawn and Shout bath, they're almost as good as new. To be honest, I really wanted the Tory Burch espadrilles, but they sold out and I'm not a gazillionare. Thanks, TJ Maxx!

PS - I accidentally published this like, last week. So if you've already seen it...oops! SAHRY. :)

Shorts, TJ Maxx.
Flats, Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx. 
Cardi, Target. 

AJ Wears :: A dotted blazer

I LOVE DOTS U GUIZE. Seriously, it's been the year of dots (every year previously has been the year of stripes. This year is still the year of stripes too). I picked this blazer up the same time I got the vertical striped one at Gap, so 40% off clearance = cheap blazer. I thought it would be easier to style than it has been, though. I keep wanting to match things to the green cuffs because they're cute.

So if y'all have any styling suggestions for a chambray polka dot blazer, let me know! I'm open to all suggestions because I really want it to work. I love it. It's just adorable.

In other news, I kind of wish my bangs were grown out so I could wear my hair parted in the middle for a while. I know that once it gets cold, I'll be jonesing for some blunt bangs again but for now, I'm bored and would love something a little different. I've been faking it this week! Still waiting for my hair to get long enough to do loose curls. Might need a smaller curling iron. SO MANY ISSUES TODAY.

Blazer, Gap (the fall version).
Skirt, Forever 21.
Wedges............I DUNNO THE 90S???? Look how short!

AJ Wears :: A t-shirt dress

You know that slouchy, soft tee in your closet you always grab on the days you're feeling uninspired or icky? The comfortable cotton one, that's almost stretched out of shape completely and pilling and rubbing thin in places. The one you can't seem to get rid of until you replace it...and even then, it'll probably become a sleep shirt or workout top.

That's how I feel about this dress. It's not particularly shapely or flattering (minus the color, which I look totally awesome in thanks to my matching eyes) but it's comfortable and familiar. I used to belt it to combat the baggy shape, but now I welcome the shapeless way it hangs, particularly for sticky summer afternoons.

Of course, bold accessories like studded gladiators and a tassel necklace help me from feeling like I'm wearing a sleep shirt in public. Although...basically....I am. And that's why I love it.

Dress, Old Navy (SO OLD, WOW).
Sandals, ShoeDazzle.
Necklaces, BaubleBar.
Bag, JustFab.