AJ Wears :: Watercolor pants

I've eaten sushi for lunch this week about three times. I can't seem to tire of it, and I've convinced myself it's a healthy alternative to the normal Arby's roast beef I'm craving around lunch time, so it's kind of been my meal of choice. It helps that's it's a cool food too, seeing as how it's too hot for pants. Except these pants! These are the pants I wore to a quick sushi lunch with my husband at our favorite little place...normally reserved for Friday nights, so it was a treat.

I have a bad habit of buying things to match outfits I'm currently wearing. These Jessica Simpson flats were born out of a trip to Dillard's while wearing this outfit. I had stowed fold up flats in my tote to replace my wedges when my feet became tired, since I wasn't sure what we would end up doing that day. But these were far cuter! I'd also JUST said I needed navy flats for fall, and I've already worn them twice since buying them Saturday, so mission accomplished (for under $30, too. I love a good Dillard's shoe clearance!).

Starbucks drink of choice this summer - venti passion fruit tea, unsweetened, with two splendas. It's freaking delightful. And clearly, the summer's hottest accessory.

Top, Forever 21 (exact, similar).
Pants, Forever 21.
Shoes, Jessica Simpson (exact at 6pm).
Bag, Coach (exact).
Necklace, The Limited.

AJ Wears :: Another striped blazer

Well, this may come as a surprise to you, but I did not own any VERTICAL striped blazers...until now. Thanks to a 40% extra off clearance at Gap, I snagged this adorable linen blazer for about $20! I wore it in the Gap Little Rock fashion show a few weeks ago and couldn't shake it from my brain. There are adorable little details about it you can't even see, like a neon yellow lining under the collar and a polka dot lining.

Now, a few people have asked me how I wear a blazer at all in this heat - so here's what I do. I always make sure my shirt underneath is appropriate to wear on its own so I can ditch the blazer and throw it in my bag if I overheat. It was nice and chilly in Flying Saucer so a blazer + shorts combo was fine for there, but we ended up taking a bit of a jaunt around downtown Little Rock after that so I shed a layer while we walked around.

After lunch at Saucer followed by delicious Le Pops, we hopped on the trolley and rode it around to the Clinton Library and back to Capital Hotel where I posed for pics with BB. Staycation tourists!

We crossed the bridge and hit up Argenta Market for Mexican cokes (real sugar for the win!)

Then continued our tour of North Little Rock with a stop at the Old Mill. I'd never been before, but the park is beautiful (and if it looks familiar, you might have seen it in Gone With the Wind.)

Look at these awesome shorts I got BB at Gap! I know dressing for summer as a guy has got to be terribly dull (I mean, no statement necklaces or anything), so I thought a bold striped short might liven things up.

EXPERT POSER. My Great Aunt & Uncle used to take me on trips as a kid and make me pose in front of everything. I have giant photo books of a little fat, curly headed, blond ham of a child in front of all sorts of random signs and monuments and I blame that every time my husband accuses me of "hamming".

Do you ever explore your own city?

Blazer, Gap (In stores! Similar from JCrew).
Shorts, Limited.
Tank, Zara.
Wedges, Cynthia Vincent for Target.
Bag, Kate Spade.

Friday Favorites Remix :: Striped Blazer

Y'all. I LOVE this blazer. I don't know why I bought it, years ago, but it's absolutely one of my favorite pieces. It's that delicious stretchy jersey material so it's ridiculously comfy, and I seem to wear it year round. So seeing as how it's definitely a favorite - it was a no brainer for today's remix.

I found these anchor shorts at TJ Maxx when I was in Dallas and have been hanging on to them just waiting for summer. I'm aware that stripes + anchors is just about as much nautical anyone can take, so I went with pink instead of anything too "red white and blue".

What's with this look on my face? I think I might have accidentally taken this shot. Anywaysies, here's how I wore this blazer last week! Still mixing prints with bright colors. I might need some help breaking out of my shell this summer.

How did you guys re-wear your favorite pieces this week?? Link up below!