AJ Wears :: An olive vest

I've been seeing too many girls looking far too cute in their little olive green utility vests lately. It's a look I wasn't sure I could even pull off until I randomly bought this black one. I really wasn't even looking, but randomly found this one at Forever the other day and decided to give it a try. It has all of my requirements - a drawstring to define the waist a little better, a little bling, and it was cheap (ish. $35 for Forever 21 is high on their end, but still not a deal breaker).

To avoid looking like I was trying to enlist, I paired it with a lace skirt to sweeten the whole outfit up a little. We spent the evening on a patio downtown and I didn't once overheat. Mission accomplished, sleeveless coat. PS - I love Merrick's Art's take on Five ways to wear a utility vest! I'll be trying them all now.

Vest, Forever 21 (exact).
Tank, Chico's.
Skirt, Forever 21.
Sandals, ShoeMint.
Sunglasses, c/o Michael Kors.
Bag, Kate Spade (exact).

Friday Favorites Remix :: Coral Studded Vest

I ended up with another week where I didn't have as much to remix. I tried and TRIED to remix those darn floral jeans, but nothing was hitting me so I just threw this on instead. So inspired. So groundbreaking.

Sandra and I were discussing how challenging our lives were last night at dinner and TOTALLY got called out by our friends Amy and Elizabeth. They were all like "OMG! Blogging is so hard! I have to get dressed and then sit back and wait for people to compliment me! It's like a full time job! Getting free stuff takes up so much time!" Touche, sluts.

On that note, sorry this post is so late. I actually have a million excuses, like I went out with my friends instead of blogging and came home to a house without power thanks to a little tornado warning. So we played yahtzee on my ipad and waited for it to come back on. Here's how I wore this vest last week!

How did you re-wear this week? Add your links below, check out everyone else's, and let's all be best friends.

AJ Wears :: A white vest

I warned you about the vests, you guys. It's like a blazer without sleeves and thus the perfect summer layer. I had seen this one at Forever about 3 times before I finally committed to buying - I had hopes it wouldn't sell out because it's a little higher priced than their normal stuff at $32. Thankfully, the gamble paid off and it was still there when I dropped by this week.

Studs and a tuxedo type cut? Sold. I love this thing. I did go through about three outfit drafts with it before I settled on this skirt/tank combo, but maybe it'll be easier to pair in the future. I wanted a cool outfit for a Ladies Night Out event at the Promenade at Chenal. We got goody bags and everything, complete with rape whistles and coupons for wings. Score!

 LAMB dupes from JustFab that hit at a really awkward part of the back of my leg, making them rather uncomfortable for lots of walking. The straps are really loose too, but I just loved them too much to send them back. I'll put some moleskin on the back and Tim Gunn it.

The ladies I hit up ladies night with - we patio'd at Local Lime after where I enjoyed my Mexican street corn and decided the chipotle salsa is my favorite. The end.

Vest, Forever 21 (similar).
Skirt, Charlotte Russe (exact). 
Bag, JustFab.
Shoes, JustFab.