AJ Wears :: A striped blazer

You know how you sometimes take pictures and expect them to turn out, and they even look good on your camera screen, but you go home and try to edit them and they're just terribly exposed? That happened to me today - TWICE. Between the humidity here fogging up my lens and what I assume is just poor exposure and too much backlight, I was really disappointed in today's photos. But what I LOVED was today's outfit(s).

Greetings from Hilton Head! Today was our work day of the conference, which was basically touring the property, meeting about last minute details, and setting up for our conference attendees to start arriving tomorrow. I went with something comfortable - jeans and a tee - and added this blazer for something fun (and because I knew our work room would be freezing!). Then that evening, we went out for our big staff dinner at this place called the Crazy Crab and I switched out my jeans for shorts and wedges for a fun evening look!

Picked up the wedges on Target clearance a few weeks ago for $10 - the shorts are from Limited on clearance for only $15! I like collecting a few new things before I go out of town for work so I feel fresh and ready to tackle whatever the week brings me. This week so far has brought me lots of fried seafood and my first real experience with oysters - I've tried them before but never eaten more than one, so last night at Crazy Crab I resolved to give them a fair shot and discovered I quite like them with tabasco and lemon. I think it's the whole experience of shooting a gross blob out of a shell.

Today the madness begins...wish me luck! If anything goes wrong, I'll just run out to the beach and take a 15 minute break. Or stay there the rest of the day. Either way.

Blazer, The Limited.
Peplum, Forever 21.
Shorts, The Limited.
Necklace, H&M.
Wedges, Target.
T-shirt, Target.
Bags, Hex & Coach.
Loafers, ShoeDazzle.

AJ Wears :: Shorts and Rainboots

When we have severe weather in Arkansas, we do it UP. There's a hashtag on Twitter (#arwx) everyone uses to pretend they're a meteorologist or storm chaser, everyone goes and buys bread, milk and eggs just in case the power goes out and you suddenly develop a taste for french toast, and then we all hunker down and watch TV all night while something (or nothing) happens. Everyone speculates about where the safest place in their house is and people leave work at like 2 o'clock. What I'm saying is, if it's going to be a "severe weather event day", the whole town loses its collective mind.

But sadly, some of us still have to leave the house for work and errands and things, so thank goodness for wellies. The weather has been teasing me lately and I have about 4 pairs of new shoes I haven't gotten to wear. IN FACT, I have an entire outfit I've been waiting for the right occasion to wear. I thought today would be the day. It wasn't. True confession :: I actually hate this outfit today after seeing it in pics, but my hair looks good so I had to post.

Then they canceled all of the tornado warnings and it just rained. Glad we're all in the clear. Glad I've got rainboots either way. PS - taking photos, in the pouring rain, on the street, out of the back of your car, is difficult. That's all!

Shorts, The Limited (mine are striped but whatever. here's a pink pair).
Boots, Hunter.
Chambray, Old Navy.
Cardi, Old Navy.

AJ Wears :: A trench and a dress

I spent my day primarily in meetings today, prepping for a large conference our company is throwing in a few weeks.  Since I work remotely, I don't really NEED to get dressed most days, but when I'm going to be on webcam in a meeting, I at least make an effort to throw on a nice top and sprunch my hair a bit (yes, sprunch). I may have gone a bit overboard by putting on a dress today, but I've been dreaming of a dress + trench combo for a few days.

The verdict, however, is that it's FAR too warm for a trench, even a light one with three-quarter length sleeves. I ditched it shortly after stepping outside. I think I might have been intended for milder temps. I love shorts and a tee as much as the next girl, but I look good in layers. It's going to be a long summer. PS - Please excuse the bruises. I fell out of a canoe this weekend.

Edited to add :: I wrote this post Monday afternoon, after watching tornado coverage all afternoon. My heart and prayers are with everyone in Moore and anyone affected by this storm. It hits close to home, because living in the path of tornadoes is something you never get used to but always have to be prepared for. I texted my sister this afternoon after I heard about the tornado on the way to make sure she was okay and aware. She was at the mall (are we sisters or what?) and assured me that she would be fine as long as it didn't take a weird turn north. It feels odd and clunky to address something that has my heart so heavy when all I really do is take pictures of what I'm wearing every day, but it didn't feel right to blindly ignore it either. I may edit this post a million more times throughout the day, but the sentiment is the same - I'm thinking about you.

Now it looks like we could get some weather today in Arkansas, so if you need me, I'll be in my closet. In flats. Stay safe, you guys.