AJ Wears :: Snake print jeans

This is only the second time I've worn these jeans. Half because I thought they looked a little clunky last time, half because every time I wear them around my husband he just laughs at me. He HATES my new obsession with printed denim. Despite the fact that these are total man repellers, I grabbed them to wear tonight. No idea why. I ended up telling my friends I was "politician's wife" from the waist up, "Miley Cyrus" from the waist down.

As for the jacket, I SWEAR it looks more coral in real life, but in these pictures it's straight up red! I've been wanting a coral blazer, and I might have convinced myself it was close enough and just bought myself a THIRD red blazer. Sigh. I guess I can always get rid of the one that tore in the back instead of fixing it now.

 Also, I've started grabbing either this pair or this pair of "moto" type boots when it may or may not rain. They're perfect for puddle jumping but don't make me feel weird if it doesn't end up raining at all (like sometimes rainboots are prone to do).

Denim, JustFab.
Boots, Ryane by JustFab.
Jacket, Forever 21 and apparently the color is "red".
Bag, Coach.
Earrings, JustFab. Eek. Sorry I wear so much JF, I love it!

AJ Wears :: A studded denim jacket

Today's ensemble is slightly inspired - I picked up this studded denim at H&M over the weekend and love how fun it is. It's soft and stretchy so it's ridiculously comfy, but the studs give it that funky edge I'm always looking for. Did I need another denim jacket? Shhhhhh. No. This one is totally different.

Look what came in while I was gone! After stalking eBay for a month or so, I finally snagged a vintage Coach Legacy bag (this one is Station). Extra Petite did a whole blog about the subject, and I had no idea that you could even FIND something like this on eBay. And after seeing Fran restore her vintage Coach, I knew I had to at least TRY it. Luckily, this bag was in pretty good condition and only needs a little work. I used some of the Coach moisturizer on it to clean it up and I might attempt repair (and flattening that front tab) in the future, but for now, it's the perfect size bag for around town.

Skirt, eLeigh's (local boutique, here's one from ASOS).
Jacket, H&M (really similar!!).
Loafers, JustFab.

AJ Wears :: A Striped Maxi

I don't know if there's such a thing as "too many maxi dresses", but since it's the first thing I grab on the weekends during warmer weather, I'm going to say...no such thing. In fact, a variety of adorable maxi dresses is what's going to keep me looking adorable this summer and not like I'm wearing the same bag every day. No way man, not me. I wear DIFFERENT bags.

 Look, I wore this outfit to a baseball game. I was thinking, "Oh! Some cute wedges with a maxi, we'll be sitting the whole time anyway." Not true. I forget that the Beer Garden at Dickey-Stephens is a very social place and you spend a lot of time on your feet. I wouldn't recommend these particular wedges for baseball season. My bad. I'm willing to admit when I make a fashion mistake - this might have been fine for brunch, but switch to flat sandals for game day.

Dress, Target.
Scarf, No clue where this thing came from.
Wedges, JustFab.
Jacket, Gap.
Bag, JustFab.