Take One, Day 14 :: Blue Skirt

I started today sans jacket, and a little hot mess express because I was wearing blue tights with a blue skirt. Let's just pretend like that didn't even happen and fast forward to sitting in my office, feeling sorry for myself as I flipped through everyone's Valentine blogs and noticed the serious lack of red, pink, hearts, and lipstick stains on my outfit today. And PROPS. Dang it all, if I wasn't going to have to find some props for today's shoot. Being a blogger is so difficult, right?

So I added a pink blazer, grabbed a conversation heart pillow from the living room, and here we are. Then I went shopping and fought with my budget (still ended up with some pretty sweet tacky print pants) and hit up Sweet Love for a giant cupcake to share with my luv-r tonight after dinner. PS - this stuffed candy heart is for you guys. I logged in to post this and saw I've reached 100 google followers, which is crazy awesome cool - just like y'all. Happy V-Day!

Jacket, Zara (similar).
Sweater, Old Navy.
Skirt, XXI.
Tights with giant hole I had to keep covering up, DKNY.
Booties, Helena from Sole Society.
Heart Pillow, Target Dolla Spot WHAT UP

What I Wore :: Seeing Stars

Over-the-knee boots before noon? Let's discuss. On the one hand, they're hard to wear without giving off that fresh hooker vibe (we can thank Pretty Woman for that). On the other hand, something about an extra tall boot over bright tights makes me feel like a fashion super hero.

 I blame Devil Wears Prada for making me fall for over-the-knee boots. That scene where Anne Hathaway goes from mild to wild is so clutch. The thigh high boot is not for the faint of heart - Expect weird looks. Possible whispers. Even a little seriously misplaced disapproval. But hold your head high, jaywalk through traffic, and pretend like you're just visiting town from NYC. That's what Beyonce would do (WWBD? LIVE IT).

Today's ensemble went to Target, followed by brunch at The House (my personal favorite brunch in LR). Never be afraid to rock a bold outfit for a seemingly normal day. It makes things a little more interesting. And if all else fails, just save the boots for Halloween. But what a shame that would be.

PS - when choosing an over-the-knee boot, there are a slew of options to consider. Black is safest, suede is much more tame than leather. Flat invites less looks than heels. And a little bit of slouch can actually make the boot look less trashy, in my opinion. And for the love of all that is good and holy, don't go for anything with a major platform. Even the Spice Girls would not approve.

Tunic, Zara.
Jacket, Forever 21.
Tights, The Limited.
Boots, JustFab. (similar, love these!)

What I Wore :: I Voted!

Today, I voted for the first time. I know, I know. I have been of legal voting age for three elections, but the first time I was out of the country (no excuse, but I really didn't care back then). Then last election, I registered to vote, and they sent me a voter registration card...three days after the election (super helpful). So this time around, I was excited to exercise my right. It seriously made my whole day better. I felt so powerful.

Anyway, did anyone else feel the need to dress patriotically? The red, white, and blue outfit can come off almost cartoonish at times (I went through several outfit drafts) but navy with red can actually be quite nice. I wasn't sure if our lines would look anything like Florida's so I chose my most comfortable flats and we went to vote and get hot dogs. Very AMERICAN RIGHT?

Now, we wait. I'm making a pizza and planning to drink from our "Four More Beers" pint glasses this evening while BB nervously checks every news outlet and overdoses on election coverage. I'm proud of all of you who voted, now that I understand how important it is.

Blazer, Luella for Target. Jeans, Zara. Flats, Target. Top and Scarf, The Limited. Voter Sticker, Responsible Citizen Gift.