Sometimes I Shop :: February Buys

It's that time again! February has come and gone and here's where my $200 shopping budget went this month:

I had a decent month. Lots of tops! My wants this month were a polka dot blouse and polka dot jeans, and I managed both. I ended up with: Two polka dot blouses, one pair of jeans, one pair of pants, three sweaters, two t-shirts, one pair of ridiculous wedge sneakers, and a fun clutch - and came in at exactly $200. If you don't count tax. Which I decided this month I don't. That's like two more clearance tops! Plus, I can remember what certain pieces cost but not necessarily the totals so this just makes it easier.

I hit the Prabal Gurung collection at the first of the month hard, but ended up taking back $92 worth of stuff from there because I felt like it really wasn't as wearable as something else for the same price. I didn't like spending such a big chunk of my budget all at once, either. I ended up with one t-shirt from the collection and I'm happy with that because it'll be fun to wear until it gets hot. And when I get tired of it, I'll lop of the arms and turn it into a pillow or something.

As for non-budget stuff, I won a credit from JustFab through a contest and ordered a pair of cute pumps, and had two c/o items sent to me (a green skirt and ombre jeans). I think that wraps up everything for February.

I don't have much of a wishlist for March yet, I'm just going to see where it takes me. I know I'll be splurging on a few of the adorable printed chambray shirts at Old Navy and I'm dying for more ankle pants like the watercolor ones I bought this month. I also want to do a little thrifting this month, I haven't found the best places around here yet. What's on your wishlist for next month? Anything that should be on my radar??

PS - Linking up again with Franish and her budgeting bloggers! Seeing how everyone spends is fascinating and fabulous. Seriously.

Take One, Day 15 :: Purple Jeans

I had a serious blogger breakdown yesterday. After a project went really, really wrong at work, I was in a particularly sour mood. I changed into pajamas and ate a can of pringles and questioned everything in my life from my jean size to my career path. It wasn't pretty. I even considered taking the day (or weekend) off from Take One, Pass It On because I decided I was too large for all of my clothes and wasn't a proper person to blog outfits if I didn't even know how to dress my own body.

Fast forward to today - and I'm feeling much better. I squeezed into these purple jeans again and we hit up a chili cookoff in NLR. It's been quite cold, so I layered up. The outfit I created today feels much more me, much better proportion-wise, and I felt more like my confident and cute self. I'm typing all of this as a confession - this blog is about me figuring out how to dress the body I have now, for the life I have now. It doesn't always come easy. Everything doesn't always fit right. I'm still learning how to graduate from Juniors to Women's. I refuse to throw out anything from a drawer of denim that ranges from size 0 to size 10 and I'm still 95% sure I could fit into my suits I bought at the Limited three years ago if I just quit eating so much bread. I say all of this because I know that there has to be a group of us girls in our 20s and 30s just trying to get it right. Long gone are the days of mini skirts from Wet Seal and platform flip flops, but we're still a few years yet from Coldwater Creek and Talbot's (or better yet, full on mumus). Every day and every outfit is an experiment for me - and I thank you guys for letting me show you my fashion science projects and giving me feedback on them. Sometimes I can be a little hot mess - but I like to think of it as a work in progress.

This is actually how I looked most of the day - I don't go outside if it's under 40 degrees. Layers necessary. Also, what kind of idiot wears a coat to a chili cook off? This one. Work in progress.

Coat, The Limited.
Sweater, Old Navy.
Button Tunic, XXI.
Jeans, JustFab.
Boots, JustFab.
Belt, Target.
Necklace, JewelMint.

Take One, Day 1 :: A Cozy Tribal Sweater

 The original title of this post was "A Tribe Called Quest Print Love" but since that's actually really dumb, I simplified it. Look! Urban Outfitters sends you stickers in the mail when you order a pretty sweater!

 So today is the first day of Take One, Pass it On, and I decided to wear a ton of new things all at once because I simply cannot wait for them to all have their turns. I can name three bloggers off the top of my head who encouraged me to buy this sweater simply by posting adorable pictures of them in it and talking about how comfortable it is. I'm always looking for what I call an "airport sweater", which is a cozy wrap sweater that feels like a snuggie but looks like a fashion statement. I don't care if I never wear anything else. I love this thing.

 And these boots! I added them to a growing collection of boots that make me feel far cooler than I actually am. They feel so European. I've never been to Europe, so I actually can't even make that comparison, but whatever. All the countries I've been to you didn't even have to wear shoes. What I'm saying is - these things are cool.

The end of this story is, I wore this to Texas Roadhouse, ate a huge piece of meat, and I'm going to use the Take One Remix Challenge as an excuse to wear this bad boy again tomorrow. BOOM.

 Sweater, Urban Outfitters.
Jeans, JustFab Signature Skinny in Berry.
Necklace, eBay.
Bag, ????????? WHATEVER
Boots, Zurich by JustFab (tts for me!).

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