What I Wore :: Christmas Pictures

WHAT on earth do you wear for Christmas pictures? All I knew when I woke up this morning was that my sister requested "festive attire" because she was taking us somewhere for magical Christmas pictures. I'd already worn my red sweater...burn. I decided to go snow-bunny neutral with a winter white.

 Can't go wrong with white and black, right? I don't think I've even worn this dress before, but I knew when I did I wanted to put it with leather and tights. As for the rest of my day, here's how it unfolds:

 Fancy sodas at Pops on 66 (I love that place! And their buffalo wing soda!)

 Christmas shopping at the Pop-up shops downtown (and watching ice skaters, so Christmas!)

 Posing in front of the giant decorations at Devon Tower downtown...I love these sparkly ornaments!

 Gorgeous pine cones inside of the tower gave me extra Christmas spirit.

 I hear Santa is nearby....

My adorable family. Christmas is the best, AMIRITE???? PS - yes, everyone else wore freaking red. I'm such an outcast slash snowflake princess. Whatevsys, Our trip was super fun! Merry early Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

Dress, Forever 21.
Shoes, Target.
Jacket, Forever 21.
Necklace, BaubleBar.
Super mega crazy bun, CLAIRES! (getchu one)

What I Wore :: Red Legs

Red tights! Is it December or what?? Red is always appropriate but it feels twice as much so during the holidays.

When I put this on today, my husband complained that I was too "dressed up". I see his point, but I hardly think that should be anything to whine about. Always be prepared to meet an enemy or a dashing stranger. Or one of the 100s of fashion street photogs roaming the streets of Little Rock. I practically have to beat them off with a stick these days.

PS - If you're having a hard time pairing your colored tights, stick with grey, black, and white and let the legs be your accent. They'll speak for themselves if you keep it simple!

Dress, No idea but here's a similar.
Tights, The Limited. (some other colors, I love their tights) (and some red ones)
Shoes, JustFab.
Purse, ShoeDazzle.
Necklace, Baublebar.

What I Wore :: Mellow Yellow

Happy fall, y'all. Nothing makes a mellow Monday bright like a little mustard yellow (mix with alliteration for optimal results). I kept it casual today while we ran some errands.

 We hit up JCrew, the Apple store, and Best Buy (to buy a washer/dryer, whee!) today, with a lovely lunch at Sam's (pizza + drink for $2.50 is hard to beat). When I saw this lovely fall display outside of JCrew at the Promenade, I had to take advantage of the scenery seeing as how my outfit is oh-so-fall today.

 Picked up this fun necklace at BaubleBar this month for only $1! You get points for everything you buy and then can trade them in for baubles, which I love (another reason to sign up!).

 Fun little JewelMint ring I snagged on sale last week for only $9!

 Love these new JustFab boots! They're fairly comfortable for an afternoon of shopping, but I will admit I changed into flat boots before we went grocery shopping. I need to concentrate on the week's meals, not the balls of my feet, when shopping for food. It's very easy to get distracted.

And I'll leave you with this - I don't know why I was making this face. This ones for you, Monday.

Jacket, shirt, The Limited (sold out online but try in store!). Jeans, Boots, JustFab. Necklace, BaubleBar. Ring, JewelMint.