AJ Wears :: A Coat

 Okay, whoa. Who left the freezer door open? We were treated to a 30 degree drop in temps overnight which means layering up today. I must be an idiot though, because as warm as tights may be, they are no substitute for pants against windchill. I did try putting on a warm hat, for the record. It looked ridiculous.

So I'm standing on the street downtown trying to snap some photos and the wind is all like, "YO BRRR I'M SO COLD" and I'm starting to lose feeling in my fingers and I'm thinking, you know, maybe I won't take any pictures without this coat on so I can live! And then this woman walks by and is like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" And I'm like, I'm taking pictures of my outfit and she's like "........" and then I realized how ridiculous this whole scenario was so I got in my car and drove home.

Where...I put on some pants. Lesson learned.

Top and Sweater, The Limited.
Skirt, Forever 21.
Boots, JustFab.
Purse, ShoeDazzle.

AJ Wears :: Rainboots

 Rainboots are like, one of the hardest pieces of clothing to wear. Not only are they a total pain to get on and off, I swear every time I put them on it immediately stops raining and gets sunny so I look like a total idiot bebopping around town in rubber boots. Or, I decide to just wear normal shoes, and find myself caught in a monsoon. Can't win. Anyway, I knew rain was in the forecast today and planned accordingly.

 Because when it's wet outside, you don't wear pants that are going to drag along the ground and be a sopping mess by the time you get to work. You certainly don't wear suede wedges or your best pony hair heels. That's just silly. Of course, so is matching an entire outfit to the color of your rainboots, so what do I know?

Dress, Jason Wu for Target.
Blazer, Forever 21.
Boots, Hunter.

What I Wore :: Oklahoma Boots

Oh, Hi friends. Just blogging here from windy Oklahoma City. Why, you ask? Because my sister is graduating from college tomorrow and we're here to celebrate! Hurrah! It's all very exciting. Plus, a weekend away is always a welcome adventure.

What do you pack for a weekend away? Well, if you're me, you even wrote DOWN "coat" to remember to grab a coat from the coat closet, and then forgot to bring a coat. Doh! Thankfully we dropped by the outlets when we got to OKC and I was able to snag this adorable toggle coat from Gap (for only $27...score!). Crisis averted.

 And now here's a picture of how cold I might have been if I hadn't bought a coat:

 See me trying to look cool? Total fail, unless by "cool" I mean "dang, it's cold". Clearly, it's windy here. I lost my bangs in this picture. The coat went back on. Immediately.

These are my Oklahoma boots. I love the tribal blanket thing going on here, and they got a ton of attention and compliments all day, but I gotta level with you guys - these things stink. They smell like straight up oil or gasoline and it was strong enough that I had to put them in the trunk while we were traveling. Oh fashion, you are a pain.

Check out this cool outdoor fireplace I found at the outlets. After a trip to Claire's for a giant sock bun helper and some nail polish remover, we headed downtown for some burgers at this adorable little place that was playing CHRISTMAS MOVIES on a big screen. Elf was on when we got there and Christmas Vacation came on at 10. BB had to practically drag me out.

The moral of this story is: Some boots smell bad, and if you want a new coat, just leave yours at home. *wink*

Coat, Gap (similar).
Sweater, Victoria's Secret.
Jeggings, The Limited.
Stinky Boots, ShoeDazzle.