What I Wore :: The one that got away

Everyone has that one. thing. that they can't stop thinking about. Maybe it was a shirt that wasn't in your size. Maybe it was a dress that sold out while you were waiting for it to go on sale. Maybe a Kate Spade bag got snatched from your cart during a sample sale (I hope you smacked whoever did that, btw). Whatever it is, I get it. This shirt was almost the one that got away. You guys, this is about to get a little dramatic. Feel free to turn up the Katy Perry and play along.

 I'd been stalking it on Forever 21's website for days. It was pinned to my shopping board. I was thinking I'd make it into the store to see if they had it, but then - then it sold out online the same afternoon I'd finally decided to just buy it. No trace of it in the store. I went back at least 6 times just to see. I even had friends on FB check their local stores with no luck. Ebay, search engine, repeat. I'd even started examining similar garments to see if I could modify them to LOOK more like this one. Crazy woman on a misson? Check and check. Hell hath no fury like a woman who can't find the tunic she wants (I think Shakespeare wrote that).

And then, the day came. After telling my former manager about it, she emailed me over the weekend to tell me they'd gotten another size run and she'd held it for me in an XS and S. I told her I could be there the next morning. Dreams do come true (and having friends in retail doesn't hurt either).

 Where did this ensemble go? Date night, of course. Sushi and sake and good times with great friends. It's such a simple shirt, really. Just a tunic with sequins that has a fun almost tuxedo feel to it. I imagine it'll look adorable with short skirts and tights for holiday parties and maybe even a fabulous wide leg pant. I don't know. All I know is, I was kind of a crazy person stalking this down and it paid off. Shop stalking is like hunting for women, except instead of a license you need a Visa. And maybe a touch of the crazy eyes.

Top: Love 21 (SO, but check in store! - closest I could find)
Leggings, Express (similar).
Booties, JustFab (similar).
Clutch, Forever 21 (similar).

What I Wore :: Sparkles and Sheers

I have a bad habit of buying complete new outfits. Often I'll find one piece and then continue hunting until I've created exactly what I see in my mind. Or, I'll just go to the mall and put together a complete look for an occasion. Or a Thursday. Whatever.

I went to the mall yesterday to pick up a little lunch and found myself wandering around Forever 21 aimlessly, looking for a specific sweater (I never found it and ended up ordering online). When I found this sheer top and pleated skirt, it just felt like they were supposed to BE together, you know? And since I'm busy moving, I have nothing to wear. Wouldn't want to unpack stuff just for that, you know? Welcome to my justification process. I also thought, Wouldn't this look lovely with my new studded pumps from ShoeDazzle?

So that's how this outfit was born. Out of the justification that I shouldn't unpack things just to wear because I'm moving. Also, how maj is this blouse? I love the sequin collar and I can already see myself wearing it under sweaters, un-tucked with skinny jeans and booties, maybe with a festive skirt and tights...! It's a fun twist on the classic. Go get you some.

In love with these studded beauties. So glad I ordered them in black, too! The contrast is just too good. Add in a perfect heel height and a little gold shimmer, I may wear these babies to bed tonight. MUAH. I love you, shoes.

Blouse, Skirt, Forever 21. Shoes, Erin by ShoeDazzle.

What I Wore :: Sequins & Sushi

If you've read this blog long enough, you may have heard me mentioned that I love a little sparkle. This sequin sweatshirt is just enough shine without being obnoxious for every day.

 Today's outfit went to the post office, mall (to get new sunnies for my upcoming vacay) a meeting with our wedding photog and sushi with dear friends. See? The less shiny sequins are perfect for day or night, and the casual cut of a sweatshirt like this one makes them a lot more versatile. I love pieces that are dressy casual like that.

 Awkward look. I am the master of the awkward look, especially if there is a flash being used. I waited a little late to take any pics and it got dark outside. Go figure!

Legs and these wonderful JustFab heels. I call them my Barbie heels.

Sweatshirt, Banana Republic. Shorts, XXI. Heels, JustFab.