What I Wore :: Seeing Stars

Over-the-knee boots before noon? Let's discuss. On the one hand, they're hard to wear without giving off that fresh hooker vibe (we can thank Pretty Woman for that). On the other hand, something about an extra tall boot over bright tights makes me feel like a fashion super hero.

 I blame Devil Wears Prada for making me fall for over-the-knee boots. That scene where Anne Hathaway goes from mild to wild is so clutch. The thigh high boot is not for the faint of heart - Expect weird looks. Possible whispers. Even a little seriously misplaced disapproval. But hold your head high, jaywalk through traffic, and pretend like you're just visiting town from NYC. That's what Beyonce would do (WWBD? LIVE IT).

Today's ensemble went to Target, followed by brunch at The House (my personal favorite brunch in LR). Never be afraid to rock a bold outfit for a seemingly normal day. It makes things a little more interesting. And if all else fails, just save the boots for Halloween. But what a shame that would be.

PS - when choosing an over-the-knee boot, there are a slew of options to consider. Black is safest, suede is much more tame than leather. Flat invites less looks than heels. And a little bit of slouch can actually make the boot look less trashy, in my opinion. And for the love of all that is good and holy, don't go for anything with a major platform. Even the Spice Girls would not approve.

Tunic, Zara.
Jacket, Forever 21.
Tights, The Limited.
Boots, JustFab. (similar, love these!)

What I Wore :: Pardon My French

Oh hay! I have bangs now! I get bored with my hair but the only way to change it up without losing length is shape or color - so I like cutting bangs in fall when it's cool enough that they won't curl up and look crazy (I have a little cowl lick in the front too. oy!). So I bought myself some pro scissors a few years ago and every so often, I chop off some bangs to freshen things up.

 I couldn't imagine a better outfit to introduce my new fall bangs than something a little french inspired. I went searching for this sweater at Forever a few weeks ago - I was standing at the check out and saw a girl hold it up and instead of being a crazy person and running across the store to grab it from her, I went back like a normal girl and looked for it later. It was a no go, so I ordered online. Let's break this down - $20 for a funky sweater? Totally worth it. I think it's hilarious and adorable.

Besides this sweater being fun, I loved mixing it with some other fall favorites now that's it's cooler weather (finally!). Tights, suede wedges, and a flirty leather skirt made for the perfect outfit. We hit up B-Dubs for some wings and then made our way to a ridiculously fun concert downtown (there were lightsabers involved).

 Anyway, this is my new favorite sweater and this is what we did tonight:

More fun than a mustache sweater. I know that's hard to believe, but it's true.

Sweater, Skirt, Forever 21. Wedges, Sarada by JustFab.

What I Wore :: Manic Monday

Oh man, is the weekend seriously over already? Last week's holiday made for a delightfully short week but a heck of a surprise now that Monday has hit again. Meh. Whenever I feel like I'm dragging my feet about work, I like to dress up a little to inspire my office chic side.

 Nothing spices up a little business wear like a fun print and a bright color. Keep shorter skirts office appropes by adding tights, but don't be afraid to punch them up with a little color.

Also, whenever I'm feeling like a jacket is too stuffy, I follow one simple rule - throw a belt on it! This particular blazer looks cute all buttoned up with a belt to cinch the waist. Whenever you're having a hard time making an outfit work, try a belt. It can work wonders, trust me.

PS - I love these lace up heels from JF, but if they're a little sky high for you, don't be afraid to rock the tights with some cute flats, wedges, or booties!

Happy Monday! Try not to hide in the bathroom too much today and get something done. Hey, maybe it's payday. Go buy yourself something nice. What's your favorite way to spice up your work wardrobe?

Blazer, skirt, tights, belt, The Limited. Earrings, XXI. Shoes, JustFab.