Sometimes I Shop :: Fall Wishlist

If you follow my "Sometimes I Shop" board on Pinterest, you know that by "sometimes" I actually mean "all the time". I pin my favorites while I'm poking around the internet for later, when I have lots and lots of money (which surprisingly is never). Anyway, I thought I'd share my favorite things I'm coveting right now and planning to purchase for fall.

Leopard Loafers, $40 | Cat Ring, $30 | Chunky Necklace, Ebay | Jeans, $40 | Dip Dye Tee, $250 | Leather Tee, $50 | Booties, $70

 I love everything here. I've been looking for leopard loafers for a while and really love that these are being released next month by JustFab! And the best part is, these are flats so I can add them on with one of my orders for only $25! Sold. I also recently ordered these JF printed jeans, and I can't wait until they come in. I'm loving printed pants for fall and I think they'll be really fun while they last.

Another thing I'm loving this fall is LEATHER (or rather, fake leather). I'm obsessed with leather tops and can't wait to rock one (loving this one from the Limited!) and those leather booties are rockstar chic and fabulous. I say a girl can never have too many pairs of black booties. Plus, isn't that low dip sexy? I thought so too.

I fell in love with the dip dyed tee on Polyvore but would never pay that much, so I'm planning on doing a little DIY this fall to make my own. Should be easy enough.

And I can't get enough of gold jewelry right now. I just bid on that chunky necklace on ebay (fingers crossed!) and that JewelMint ring is basically to.die.for.

Don't you wish we got fall bonuses for wardrobe updates? What's on your wishlist right now?

What I Wore :: Keep Calm and Birthday Party

Y'all know I love a good party, and this blog is almost as much of a social blog as it is a style blog. I try to tell you guys exactly where I wore all of my outfits not only to prove that I do, in fact, wear clothes (as the title suggests) but also to give solid ideas of what you could wear in similar situations in the future. I know, super helpful. One day, I will index them all.

Our dear friend Jordan turned 30 this week and we celebrated his quite fashionable bowtie'd self at Reno's in North Little Rock. There was cake. There was a photo booth. There were pictures of baby Jordan hanging every where.

I chose to dress "festive but casual cool" which always translates to simple sequins (of course). I picked up this white sequin top at The Limited Saturday for 50% off the SALE price - $5! I love that it's shiny without being obnoxious. Red Zara jeans and JustFab heels with my H&M necklace pulled it all together.

PS - I wore a sock in my hair. BB thought I was insane when I asked to borrow (ie, cut a giant hole in) one of his socks but it makes for the most delicious full bun.

The lovely ladies. I never seem to tire of them. And don't let them fool you, they always look this fabulous. I would never hang with less than fab.

And as tired as I find the "Keep Calm" meme (I blame Pinterest!), this was my absolute favorite of the decorations. I may have one framed for myself.

What I Wore :: Balloon Glow

When I was a kid, I remember the Great East Texas Balloon Race every summer. We'd go out to the airport and watch as dozens of hot air balloons lit up the night sky. That's why I was so excited to find out Little Rock was hosting it's very own balloon race this year!

The Great War Memorial Balloon Race arrived just down the street from me today at War Memorial golf course. There was music. There were balloons. It was a gorgeous evening to just enjoy the spectacular beauty of a hot air balloon glow. I have no idea why all balloon races are great, except why wouldn't they be? HOT AIR BALLOONS are great in general, am I right?

So what does one wear to a balloon glow? I went for something cool and comfy. I picked up this skirt at Loft this week and it was just perfect for an outdoor event like this. They have the most adorable summer skirts right now. The top and bag are Limited, sandals Target. Topped off with a nautical knot headband.

Perfect night for eating ice cream and enjoying the outdoors!


Literally, one of the biggest balloons I have ever seen. And one of the most intimidating. BB and I decided we needed a pug-shaped balloon to sail around the world.

The amazing band that played after the glow! She sang Etta James' "At Last" and added an entire verse about breakfast foods. I have no idea why it wasn't included in the original. Pancakes are so romantic.

Me and the giant glowing monkey head. Balloon race festivities pick up at 6:30 am in the morning. I went once as a kid, and it was actually really cool. But seeing as it's Saturday...I'm not sure we're gonna make it ;)