30x28 :: Cool Hand Luke

I have no idea why I chose that title. It must have something to do with these glasses. My sister picked them out for me in NYC - I feel instantly cool every time I put them on.  But even more so, I like that they cover up my unibrow. It's like a two for one deal.

These shorts and this shirt have both only made one appearance in my 30 for 30 remix, which is kind of crazy. I almost think 30 things is too many, because I wore the crap out of some pieces and then only wore others once. And it's not that I think neither of these things aren't remixable, either. In fact, I could remix the crap out of both of these but I haven't because they didn't really go with much else in my collection. Or maybe I had too many similar things. Either way.

My cool necklace my cool friend Elizabeth got me for my birthday from The Limited. I love a statement necklace right now, and I can tell this one is going to get a lot of wear and tear this summer. It's almost like wearing a fancy lei.

The other jewelry I'm obsessed with right now - bracelets. There's an arm party and YOU'RE ALL INVITED. I snagged this whole set from BaubleBar. The Man Repeller curated collections of bracelets for $50 on BaubleBar this month, and I had to snag one. Honestly, I love how funky the bracelets are. I really REALLY wanted a skull one so I was happy to see that in my party. And the whole concept feels like grown-up friendship bracelets. I love that not only did someone pick them out just for me, but that other girls have collections all over the country too. So fun!

30x27 :: Shop and Sip

It must be a #whylittlerock week! First Thursdays around here are pretty special - Hillcrest, a quaint historic neighborhood in Little Rock, opens its arms to us by offering beverages and snacks while we walk the streets, shop the shops, and listen to live music.

The night was perfect, so I didn't have to worry about being hot, but I wore a breezy silk tank and skirt from forever21 to keep cool, and added a leopard belt from Target to give everything a little sass.

 We tried some boudin from HAM, the new meat market that just opened. Um, delicious. And that place smelled awesome! They make sandwiches too. The guy from RockTown Distilleries was there too showing off their latest creation.

Yum, real Mexican coke! And new JewelMint, which I am obsessed with.

At this point I ran into my friends, who are all fabulous, and we did a little more shopping and sipping before hitting up US Pizza for some grub. It was another perfect patio night. Don't you just love summer?
 The fabulous Sandra of Little Rock, Big Style.

Box Turtle, a cute little house-turned-store that focuses on local artists and creators. There are always the most unique jewelry and clothing finds here!

All in all, I can honestly say, I love Hillcrest. It's got great quirky old houses, delicious places to eat (The House has the best brunch in LR!) and great local shops. Plus, who can resist a neighborhood that throws a giant shopping block party every month?

30x26 :: Movies in the Park

A few months ago at South by Southwest, a campaign called "Why Austin" highlighted all of the different reasons everyone should move to Austin. As compelled as I am to return to my home state, we started our own campaign on Twitter here in LR (informally, of course) and we call it "Why Little Rock". Movies in the Park is such an event that deserves the #whylittlerock hashtag.

Every Wednesday night in Little Rock, hundreds flock to the River Market to enjoy a different movie on the lawn. Sometimes family movies, sometimes something for the adults (they caught a lot of flack for showing Hangover, but I thought that was brilliant!). People bring chairs and blankets and spread out all over with picnic baskets to enjoy a little fabulous summer weather. This week, it was Transformers.

What does one wear to such an event? Well considering I would be sitting on the ground, I picked shorts, but I decided to make a faux romper look by going monochromatic. I've done this before, and it's kind of fun to make two pieces look like one. I know my dog looks like she's trying to escape. She was really excited.

So you bring some wine and you bring your dog and you just enjoy life. It definitely feels like a #whylittlerock moment. Oh, and don't forget your grown up lunchable. Zoey spent most of her evening trying to snatch the cheese.

My dog sitting like she thinks she's a person. Such a funny dog.

PS :: one of my BFFs Sandra is having an amazing give away on her blog today! Go go go!