AJ Wears :: A floral blazer

Things I should be doing - laundry, any sort of house keeping, work, packing, playing with my dog. What I'm doing instead - blogging, because duh. Mixed in with a bit of facebook and twitter, an occasional browse around various shopping websites, and a mental scolding for not keeping on track. There should be an official diagnosis for the decreased productivity and laziness that occurs before a vacation. I call it "Vacation flu". I am worthless about a week out every time I'm about to leave town.

Unlike real flu, Vacation Flu doesn't deter me from wearing pretty things. I like to wear all of the ridiculous things that don't go with anything else and get it out of my system before I go on a trip, so I don't end up with a bag full of neon jeans and animal print shoes. It's a pretty smart trick, I don't mind if you steal it. One day and counting.

PS - I'm answering questions about blogging and fashion in Arkansas on Eve's Addiction blog today! Check it out and then go buy yourself something nice.

Blazer, Zara (here's a cute print for fall).
Shorts, Forever 21 (similar from dailylook, rachel zoe).
Shoes, Mulberry by ShoeDazzle.

AJ Wears :: A Striped Dress

Saturday bonus outfit! While most of what I wore this week was compiled from those 18 pieces from yesterday's post, I did throw in a few beachy items to fill out my wardrobe JUST. IN. CASE. I knew I'd be inside most of the time because of work and weather, but just before tropical storm Andrea rolled in, we had a huge beach party complete with fireworks, sliders, and white people dancing (which includes a lot of conga lines).

My friend Amanda actually turned me on to this dress - Target BTW - and I was shocked when I ran into it at my store! I thought it was perfect for our beach party. I danced like no one was watching. And my heels got stuck on the back of the skirt and I almost fell over. For the record - I was merely trying to document the dancing in my own journalistic fashion and my boss pulled me into the conga line. It happens!

Dress, Target (exact).
Shoes, Zara (similar).
Necklace, Gift from my awesome sister.

AJ Wears :: Bright Jeans

I'm aware today is cinco de sixo and all, but we had a delightful little Cinco de Mayo Party at Sandra's house yesterday and I wanted to wear some bright pants to commemorate the "white people eat spicy food and drink limearitas" holiday. These jeans are actually super comfy and soft, but have a weird seam that wraps around the back of your leg. My friend Griff said it was "super cool" looking and I believe her. Especially since I love the bright citron color. It's like, yellow green.

I made this pinata for our party filled with Starburst, those little pill capsules that have animal shaped sponges in them, diamond shaped ice cubes, and little crystal light packets flavored like margaritas. But we didn't have anything to break it open so I just emptied everything out of it's butt and we sat around and threw the pills in water and waited for the sponge animals to grow. Adulthood!

Blazer, H&M (similar from Ruche).
Jeans, c/o JustFab.
Heels, Zara (almost identical!). 
Clutch, Target party section.