AJ Wears :: Stripes with Lace

This might be one of those outfits that looked better in my head, or at least better in person. I'm okay with that.

I wore this to book club. I'm in a book club. I'm not sure anyone even reads the books, we just get together and have a glass and eat fantastic food (Trio's this week...amazing!) but it's a fabulous little group of girls and I'm glad they took me in.

And I have no idea what my husband had said to me there to make me make that face, but you're welcome. Also, it shows off my spin pin bun which I was very proud of. I'm thinking I like the spin pins, although it's kind of lame I can only make buns with them.

Pants, H&M.
Striped Shirt, StyleMint.
Lace Shirt, Probably Forever.
Wedges & Bag, JustFab.

What I Wore :: Happy Hour Shopping

There are so many things to love about Little Rock - one of them is Shop and Sip Thursdays in Hillcrest. Businesses stay open late and serve wine and beer while we all shop local goods and enjoy live music and in tonight's case, gorgeous weather.

 I met up with my friends for a little sip and see, we hit up the Box Turtle and E. Leighs for a little happy hour. I got dressed this morning with the intent of wearing this sweater. I've been loving the neon with navy right now so I felt they were destined to mix. Fun fact - my mom actually sent me the link for this sweater. She's so trendy, right?

 Also mad love for this JewelMint necklace I got on sale for $9. It's a cute little apple and has just enough storage for a snack or some gum.

 PS - the peek-a-boo lace bra was intentional. Hopefully it's not too weird for y'all but I just loved something about the extra something under this traditional meets trendy cardi. I love a contrast. Plus, this particular bra (GAP body) is so pretty it's hard not to show off those straps.

Happy Friday, everyone!!

Pants, H&M (love these similar sailor inspired pants!). Cardi, Forever 21. Necklace, JewelMint. Bag, JustFab.

What I Wore :: Girls' Night Out

I love a good pant. Pants can be so classy in the right cut and make a simple top look clean and polished. They can be dressed up or down, casual or professional, even...dare I say, sexy?

When I left BB tonight for girls night, he actually told me I looked sexy, which I thought was crazy as he kind of turned his nose up at these pants when I first showed them to him. Actually, it's awesome that a guy can think pants and a modestly cut top can be sexy instead of a mini dress. See, ladies? Sexy doesn't have to equal slutty. Although it can. That can be fun too.

Anyway, I snagged these sailor inspired pants at H&M last week on sale and I could not have spent my money on anything better. I'm slightly obsessed with the wide legs and higher waistline.

No, this is not a sexy rear shot, it's to show you the cute-as-a-button...buttons on the back. I love them! And a little arm party action. Rwar.

The top is from the Limited - honestly, they have the best tops for office to happy hour. I must have a million of them that look adorable under a little jacket and then go great alone for a night out. The earrings are from JewelMint - I thought they added just the right amount of nautical flair. So next time you're dressing for your Ladies Night Out, consider a fantastic pair of pants and a flirty top. You can wear a jacket with it at work, then let it all hang out over margs.

Bonus outtake picture time! I've never understood why bloggers "outtakes" are so flattering. I'm like...that's just a picture you didn't use. I know I'm a day late for Awkward and Awesome Thursday, but as we were testing my exposure my friend and photographer Amy snapped this awesome picture of me primping. And what I discovered is, I look really awkward when I put on lip gloss. You're welcome.

Why are my eyes closed? Is that the same sort of thing like opening your mouth when you put on mascara? Why am I sticking my butt out like that? We may never know.