What I Wore :: To Visit JustFab

Hi friends! I'm currently chillaxing in California for a few days and wanted to share a few fun tidbits (and what I wore, of course) from my trip so far. I'm a brand ambassador for JustFab, and they invited us to come and be a part of their flagship store opening this weekend! The social media team had a great schedule lined up for us on Friday including a lunch and tour of the office, a few fun party games, and cocktails at the office bar (say what?).

 Hanging out in their photo studio. They do all shoots in house and this is where the magic happens.

Just a handful of the other wonderful BAs I got to meet! These girls are all just as passionate about JustFab as I am and most have been members for 2-3 years (and from the start!). We constantly talk about shoes and handbags online, so I felt like I practically knew them before we even met face to face. Lots of laughing happening all weekend, that's for sure.

And I mean...can you BELIEVE these offices?? There are shoes and bags everywhere! I don't know how anyone can concentrate. There was a BIT of a commotion when we walked by this giant wall full of preview prototypes. Don't put a bunch of new shoes in front of a group of women and don't expect them to drool a little.

 Matching flippy floppies for a crazy scavenger hunt at Manhattan Beach.

So far, it's been an amazing trip and I'm so glad I decided to come out and meet the girls and the team at JustFab. Being a BA for them has been such a fun experience so far and I'm hoping to continue for many years to come. Tomorrow I'll be sharing more on the actual store opening!

What I'm wearing - Blazer, Limited. Shirt, MICHAEL Michael Kors. Jeans, JustFab. Shoes, Drae by JustFab. Belt, H&M.

Friday Favorites Remix :: The white suit

Y'all, I should probably just go back to bed today. I can't seem to get anything going for me - including my outfit. I'm not saying I HATE it...I just don't love it. And since Fridays are supposed to be all about my favorite pieces, I'm trying to figure out why this didn't work. Maybe it's the shirt. I just had to have it when I saw it at Target a few months ago but have struggled to actually style it. I loved these two separates as a suit last time I wore them together - but this time I'm all Saturday Night Fever meets "Hi, can I paint your house?".

Maybe it's the shoes. I'll never know - they can't all be winners. But I wore this out of the house and people saw me in it, so it's a valid outfit and for some reason I still feel like sharing. Here's how I wore both of these pieces last week. Come to think of it, this would have looked darling with that striped shirt.

How did you guys remix this week? Did you have more success than I did?

AJ Wears :: Stars and Stripes

Look, I know it's August, but why reserve the patriotic duds for holidays only? I love these wedges but didn't grab them in time for the 4th, so I decided to debut them on my own time. They're still darling, even if there's no USA holiday to celebrate.

I mean, see? Adorable. Not wearable, by any means, but just precious. And my shoes have never been the most versatile things. And why not go all the way and pair them with stripes? Happy Monday. I'm ridiculous. Look, I wore blue eyeliner.

And for your Monday bonus photo, why is this tree in my photo?????

Dress, StyleMint.
Belt, Vintage.
Bag, Coach.
Wedges, ShoeDazzle.