Video :: AJ Reviews Pond's BB+

I'm no beauty blogger, but I do like sharing things I receive and like and this definitely falls under that category! I got the opportunity to test out Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ and I've been using it ever since it arrived...check out my short review below!

The fact is, this stuff is pretty legit and I love that it's a more mass market/drugstore brand. I've been paying $40 for a boutique brand and that's INSANE. I'd pay that for a foundation, maybe, but not a BB cream. Basically, the Ponds BB+ goes on and once it "sets" it's matte and perfect for the true grab-and-go kind of girl. I've been mixing both the medium and light colors for summer since I'm a teeny bit tan, so I love that they have the different colors to pick from. And they say that your skin looks better after two weeks of using it soooooo...I'm in!

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Video :: Tips for Putting on Mascara

Sometimes, I get free stuff in the mail. Sometimes it's interesting, other times it's not. And's mascara that hasn't even been released yet. Influenster sent me this Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless to try and blog about and I decided to make you guys a (not) helpful video full of really great (ie horrible) tips for putting on mascara!

The good news is, this stuff actually is pretty cool once you learn how to apply it. Here's my before/after for comparison ::

I know, I know, no one needs to see my face that close, but I was kind of surprised at how much they "popped" once I put on mascara. I'm one of those gals who never leaves the house without it!

Anyone else have some fabulous mascara tips to share?