AJ Wears :: A military inspired vest

Oh September, you tricky beast. I'm going to venture out and say that this month, so far, has been hotter than our entire summer was. I walk into my closet and loathe the thought of another shorts + tank top combination and spend my afternoons hibernating in a cave of air-conditioner and self pity.

Seriously though, I seem to suffer from short-term memory loss when it comes to seasons. I always, always, always want to rush the seasons and somehow forget that it really doesn't get cool here until the end of October. I know it seems like all bloggers are just like OMGFALL all of the time, but I get it. I'm feeling terribly uninspired by my summer wardrobe. I mean, you MIGHT AS WELL put on a sweater if you're going to die of heat stroke, amirite?? 

I've been appeasing myself with little bits of cooler-weather wardrobe here and there. These booties from JustFab (Abbie) don't look completely out of place with a tank top. I'm adding bits of olive, mustard, and burgundy into my outfits. I'm absolutely looking forward to leaving on vacation Thursday - I'll get a little taste of chill in San Fransisco and hopefully that will hold me over for a bit.

I mean, hey. At least I haven't thrown a pumpkin on my porch and started putting cinnamon in everything I drink.

PS - Dotty from dash dot dotty has absolutely been rocking this vest lately and inspired me to pull it out again!

Vest, Forever 21 (exact).
Jeans, The Limited.
Booties, Abbie by JustFab.
Bag, Coach (exact).

AJ Wears :: A vest and skirt

This is what you wear when you are running around like a crazy person all day. The people at Starbucks across the street probably thought I was a nutso trying to take a photo but I had about 14 seconds to do it so I ignored them and got exactly this many shots that I'd even consider putting on the blog. And that's today's story. Gah, I've got to get some better stories.

Vest, Forever 21.
Skirt, Love 21.
Bag, Coach.
Sandals, ShoeDazzle.

AJ Wears :: A floral tank dress

Today's post was going to be about wearability, until I saw how short this dress ended up being. I have no business explaining wearability to anyone in a dress this short. I'm not apologizing for it either. I like short dresses, and I've always gotten in trouble for it. I like to explain it away by saying, "But I'M short, so I have to wear shorter things to make my legs look longer and thus, make me look taller."

No doubt, this was an outfit more suited to girls night out or a fashion show, but when I get dressed in the morning, I pretty much just put on what I feel like for the day, regardless of what I'll actually be DOING. I'm happy to report I went to the studio to record my radio show for the day, and then dropped by Target to pick up a meat tenderizer and toilet paper. SO GLAMOROUS!

Then some dude asked if I needed help with my car. After explaining I was fine, just taking pictures of my outfit, he offered to take them for me and I curled up in a ball and died politely declined. Who's the weirdo now, y'all? It's me. It's aaaaalllllllways me.

Dress, Forever 21.
Vest, H&M.
Booties, Chassidy by JustFab.
Bag, Portfolio by JustFab.