Friday Fashion Remix :: Black and white pants

Hola, dudes! Today's remix comes to you by the fact that I love these pants and just wanted to wear them again. You saw that coming, right? I definitely wanted to dress them up a little bit this time, so a lunch and tour of the Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the Clinton Library were the perfect excuse to get them out.

 I was in Walmart picking up some towels after lunch and this lady said, "Girl! You Work. That. Outfit." I said, "Girl, I will." And work I did.

The other bloggers at the lunch pointed out that my shoes matched the exhibit, and it was perfect that I wore a suit because Oscar was guy who suggested pant suits be Hilary's "thing"! Kismet, I tell ya. Not even planned. I'll have a post up later today with my adventures from today's lunch.

Here's how I wore these pants last week.

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AJ Wears :: Black and white pants

Randomly last season, I decided I wanted pants that were black on back and white on front. I have no idea where on earth I got this idea or where I saw these pants, but when they magically appeared on Target's instagram a few weeks ago, I was on a mission (and I knew I wasn't crazy).

Then, Blair featured them as part of her Target style guide and I flipped. NOW EVERYONE IS GOING TO BUY THEM AND I'LL NEVER GET A PAIR. I couldn't find them anywhere at my own Target and all they had online was petite (although, that might have been what I needed).

Then magic of magic, the fashion gods were with me and I found a pair at the Target by my parents' house when I went home this weekend. I snatched them up and used my last $20 bill to secure them. I've already worn them once over the weekend with heels, but somehow when I went to look for shoes today I couldn't stop eying these ridonkulous cheetah wedge sneakers. These pants are already more versatile than I'd anticipated. I'm going to wear them every day.

Vest, Dillard's.
Sneakers, ShoeDazzle.

Friday Favorites Remix :: Striped Maxi

It's remix time! Today's remix is gonna be short and sweet - because I broke YET ANOTHER camera remote. Boo! So I snapped a few pics on auto timer before heading to the store and stocking up on junk food for the weekend.

I wore this maxi last week to a beach party and dressed it up with heels and a fun necklace - so this week I went a little more casual and paired it with some flat sandals and an obi belt. I wore this dress to the airport at the end of my trip last week with flat sandals thanks to Miss AJ giving me the idea - it's perfect for traveling!

Okay, and looking at these photos this is basically the EXACT. SAME. OUTFIT. Whatever, they can't all be winners. Way to make an effort, AJ! Hope y'all did better than I did this week!

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