Take One, Day 3 :: Neon Yellow Dress

Day three of the remix challenge! One of the things I'm doing with this challenge is picking pieces that are already a little difficult to remix. I often get stuck in a rut with some things in my closet, and wear them the same way every time I pull them out. So this has become a bit of a game for me! I also love that you get to see instant results with this challenge! In 30x30, you really can't see how someone is remixing until the very end when they post all of the outfits. In this, you get to see a remix every day! I'm a little enthusiastic, I know. It's not something I plan on working on because ENTHUSIASM IS AWESOME!

 As you can see, for this look I layered a (new) polka dot blouse over the dress (last seen here) and a sweater over that. This sweater is so weird. I have no idea where it came from, when I bought it, or even if it's supposed to be that tiny. The tag says Gap (old school) and it almost looks like someone bought it, shrunk it, and then gave it to me. I love the cropped style though, and usually wear it like this a la Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada.

Dress, Forever 21.
Blouse, Forever 21.
Booties, Target.
Sweater, Super super super old Gap.
Necklace, Family Heirloom. Just kidding! Chinatown.
Purse, Sam Moon.

Take One, Day 2 :: Tribal Cardigan

It's day two of the Take One, Pass it On challenge, ie the first actual interesting day. I may have eluded to using this cardigan again...and I did. I let it hang loose over a dress and some leggings and it was the perfect mall outfit. And how weird is it that I have a scarf the same color as this dress? And if you're wondering why my legs look kind of elephanty, that's because I finished the outfit off with flat over-the-knee boots.

Sweater, Urban Outfitters.
Dress, Forever 21.
Bag, JustFab.
Boots, Some weird store in McCain Mall.

Take One, Day 1 :: A Cozy Tribal Sweater

 The original title of this post was "A Tribe Called Quest Print Love" but since that's actually really dumb, I simplified it. Look! Urban Outfitters sends you stickers in the mail when you order a pretty sweater!

 So today is the first day of Take One, Pass it On, and I decided to wear a ton of new things all at once because I simply cannot wait for them to all have their turns. I can name three bloggers off the top of my head who encouraged me to buy this sweater simply by posting adorable pictures of them in it and talking about how comfortable it is. I'm always looking for what I call an "airport sweater", which is a cozy wrap sweater that feels like a snuggie but looks like a fashion statement. I don't care if I never wear anything else. I love this thing.

 And these boots! I added them to a growing collection of boots that make me feel far cooler than I actually am. They feel so European. I've never been to Europe, so I actually can't even make that comparison, but whatever. All the countries I've been to you didn't even have to wear shoes. What I'm saying is - these things are cool.

The end of this story is, I wore this to Texas Roadhouse, ate a huge piece of meat, and I'm going to use the Take One Remix Challenge as an excuse to wear this bad boy again tomorrow. BOOM.

 Sweater, Urban Outfitters.
Jeans, JustFab Signature Skinny in Berry.
Necklace, eBay.
Bag, ????????? WHATEVER
Boots, Zurich by JustFab (tts for me!).

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