Sometimes I shop :: August Budget

After a two month hiatus, I'm back in budget blogger land! Honestly, I don't know if I over spent the last two months or not (I mean, probably) because I kept losing my notes and had no idea how much I spent. But this month, I was laying pretty low on the shopping front because of the Closet Purge, so it was easier to keep track of my conquests. So here's where the moolah went ::

I actually had a deficit to work with this time! I sold almost $100 worth of clothes to Plato's and had a $25 giftcard from a blog post I did, so I had some extra spending money this month. I also didn't do as much impulse shopping this month. Almost every purchase was premeditated. So my total was $211, which isn't too bad. It's over, but I do think I won a little cash at the slots so that made up for that. I certainly still have money in the bank.

For fall, I plan on staying on track by keeping a very specific fall wishlist in place. I've been making notes for a few weeks on some key items I'm looking for, so I'm hoping that will curb impulse buys and help me find really great pieces.

Linking up with Franish today! Check out the other budget babes on her page.

Sometimes I Shop :: May's Budget

 You know what, May, you were alright. I stayed pretty close to budget this month ($200) with one "splurge" item ($150) and got some nice pieces that will last longer than a month or two when I hit up a 50% off sale at The Limited. I didn't impulse buy as much this month - and didn't just walk around Forever 21 aimlessly picking things up, either. So here's where the money went:

I did sell some clothes to Plato's Closet this month, but took that cash and immediately spent it at Forever on who knows what, so that's a wash. I had a few dollars left over but I suspect I spent them on food. I got some great deals at Target this month! And like I said, Limited's 50% off sale seriously got me - but considering I got over $300 worth of stuff for a little more than $100, I'll take it! The blazer alone was $100, but on clearance for $40, with 40% off sale - $24. BOOM. Plus, I needed a few nice things to wear to a work conference coming up next week, so this falls under more of a "need" than a "want" (for once).

I also can't remember where I got the JF credit...maybe referral points. So two pairs of shoes for $8 - and I convinced enough people to sign up for BaubleBar this month that I got a cute necklace I've been eying for free!

Finally, you may adendum at the bottom there (ahem) that I'm only half counting. When I fell out of a canoe this month, it ruined my favorite fedora so I replaced it with a clearance hat from Charming Charlies. And I've been wanting a small card wallet with a keychain attachment, so when I found one at JCrew on clearance ($16 + 30% off = $12!) I figured it was a good buy.

And you may recall, since taking on an (3rd? 4th?) additional job, my spending account is larger than my previous budget was, I've decided to save the excess of my original $200 budget to splurge on something nice like a bag. This month was the small Coach crossbody I picked up from a 25% off sale (Originally $200, purchased for $150). Next month, I've got something new up my sleeve for my budget, but more on that later.

Linking up with Franish and the budget babes...I'm less ashamed than I was last month.

Sometimes I Shop :: April's Budget

Y'all, things are about to get weird. I didn't just go over April's budget, I BLEW IT OUT OF THE WATER. Never mind that I got some amazing pieces. I showed zero self-control this month and worse, I don't even feel guilty.

This month, my husband divided my shopping budget into my own personal spending account. It's where my allotted shopping $$$ goes, as well as any freelance money I happen to earn. So while I went over my "set budget", I didn't spend beyond my means because, hey! I was just using the money in my account. No, this doesn't justify it. But it does help explain where that money came from. So much for my original idea of only spending my budget and saving the rest for big purchases.

This kind of helps draw out where the moola went. What's not shown here :: any beauty buys (lipstick, hair stuff, etc) or anything I bought on my shopping weekend with my mom and sister. I'd set aside funds specifically for that weekend and had about 4 freelance checks clear that week so I had way, WAY more cash than I normally would and that was a special occasion. If you're interested in seeing where even more money went, the haul video is here. So since I'm not counting that with my monthly spending budget - I'm only $200 over. Which is a lot. I went spring freaking shopping crazy this month.

The good news is, I love everything I bought this month. The bad news is, Fran is gonna kick my butt. I'm linking up with her budgeting bloggers this month, even though the word "budget" really didn't even cross my mind.