Weekend Snapshots :: Christmas and Beyond

Christmas was eventful, you guys. Not only did we have a white Christmas, we had an all out blizzard which led to a lot of shenanigans.

Amazing animal pajamas (they're called kigurimis) I ordered from China that my sister and I rarely took off. They are THAT. COMFY.

And yes, I'm ridiculous and put my dog in pajamas too. I found them at an after Christmas sale, don't judge me. Watching her prance around the house in a snowflake onesie turned out to be the best $4 that I've ever spent. It was HILARIOUS.

I knew it was going to snow in Little Rock on Christmas, but I had hope it would snow in Longview while we were visiting my parents. Luckily for me, we had a good hour or two of beautiful snow in Texas on Christmas! It was truly magical, and thankfully all melted the next day so we could still make the Target after Christmas sale.

Sadly, our house in Little Rock was not so lucky. We spent the rest of the week checking our thermostat waiting for it to come online. The house was out of power until Saturday - and then AGAIN on Sunday, so we've been house hopping for the past week waiting for heat and lights (and most importantly, internet).

Spent our last night of Christmas break at the casinos in Shreveport - I might not have won any money but I found a few slot machines that were a total blast!

My BFF from growing up, Chesley, standing in front of a million dollar wall at the Horseshoe Casino. Probably the only million I'll ever see in my lifetime!

How was your holiday, lovelies? I'm excited to get my party on tonight for New Years and I have my fingers crossed that it'll be one with lots of light and heat (power, hurry up!). I hope you all have a fabulous last night of 2012 and I'll see you in 2013 with lots more sequins and sass.

Snapshots :: Sometimes I Run

Happy Monday! I don't know about you, but I had a heck of a busy weekend. Birthday parties, 5ks, eating until I popped...yup, I think I have it all covered.

Friday our new furniture came...huzzah! Finally a place to sit. This house feels like it's coming together (I absolutely love our new rug)

Saturday proved to be a fun adventure - my friends an I ran in the Color Run 5K downtown! I had seen Color Run photos before but have never participated. It was ridiculously fun. Basically, you run normally but there are four stops during the race where they pummel you with brightly dyed cornstarch so by the end you're just a disaster. It was a blast.

 Obligatory jumping shot in front of the bridge. This is probably worth framing.

Saturday night a celebration of a dear friend's birthday at The Capital Hotel, which calls for a simple LBD and a fabulous statement collar to go with one of the best burgers in Little Rock (and fancy cocktails, of course). I didn't have time to snap an outfit post before the sun went down, but here's a little snapshot of the outfit (Dress, Express. Shoes, Sole Society. Clutch, JF. Collar, JewelMint).

Sunday it was all about being as lazy as possible. I caught up on The Voice from last week, goofed around online, and played with my dear pup.

Then it was on to another birthday party which we were all having too much fun at to get any photos. Aren't those the best times?

How was your weekend???

Snapshots :: Halloween Party!

It's almost my favorite holiday! I loooooooove Halloween. My friend Sandra threw us a Halloween party! I feel like I've been non-stop go go go for the month so far, so I had to think of something for me and BB to be on the fly.

 For any Big Bang Theory fans out there, you should be able to guess what we went as! For everyone else, google Leonard and Penny :) As for the other party goers...

 Nothing like a little local scandal to make a great costume (this is Bobby Petrino and Jessica Dorrell)

 Every good party has theme cups. Sandra never disappoints.

 The lovely hostess as Lady Gaga! It was a big night for wigs.

Loofah, Dora the Explorer, Penny, and a sassy M&M. Don't you just love dressing up?