Sometimes I Shop :: February Buys

It's that time again! February has come and gone and here's where my $200 shopping budget went this month:

I had a decent month. Lots of tops! My wants this month were a polka dot blouse and polka dot jeans, and I managed both. I ended up with: Two polka dot blouses, one pair of jeans, one pair of pants, three sweaters, two t-shirts, one pair of ridiculous wedge sneakers, and a fun clutch - and came in at exactly $200. If you don't count tax. Which I decided this month I don't. That's like two more clearance tops! Plus, I can remember what certain pieces cost but not necessarily the totals so this just makes it easier.

I hit the Prabal Gurung collection at the first of the month hard, but ended up taking back $92 worth of stuff from there because I felt like it really wasn't as wearable as something else for the same price. I didn't like spending such a big chunk of my budget all at once, either. I ended up with one t-shirt from the collection and I'm happy with that because it'll be fun to wear until it gets hot. And when I get tired of it, I'll lop of the arms and turn it into a pillow or something.

As for non-budget stuff, I won a credit from JustFab through a contest and ordered a pair of cute pumps, and had two c/o items sent to me (a green skirt and ombre jeans). I think that wraps up everything for February.

I don't have much of a wishlist for March yet, I'm just going to see where it takes me. I know I'll be splurging on a few of the adorable printed chambray shirts at Old Navy and I'm dying for more ankle pants like the watercolor ones I bought this month. I also want to do a little thrifting this month, I haven't found the best places around here yet. What's on your wishlist for next month? Anything that should be on my radar??

PS - Linking up again with Franish and her budgeting bloggers! Seeing how everyone spends is fascinating and fabulous. Seriously.

Sometimes I Shop :: January Buys

I made a few resolutions to myself this year. One was keep track of spending. One was to do more creative projects. I decided to combine the two into a blog post for you guys. Want to see some mediocre drawings of what I bought this month? Yay! Let's do it!

I have always been jealous of the girls who can make such beautiful fashion illustrations. I figure the only way I'll learn is by practicing, so I'm trying it out by drawing what I bought this month instead of just taking pictures. There are a few bloggers who do this, and I really appreciate their transparency about where their shopping budget goes. It can seem like an endless parade of really expensive new stuff, sometimes.

So most of my buys for January were on sale - I think my husband and I finally agreed on a budget of $200 a month for shopping, which gives me plenty to either get one or two really nice things, or hit some sales and get some cheap things. After Christmas sales were my downfall - lots of clearance items and lots of 50% off clearance items sales! My one splurge was the tribal cardi from UO all the bloggers are sporting (I've been seriously lusting after it!). All in all, I spent $182 this month.

I will say, not on this list, are four pairs of shoes from JustFab, because I had store credits with them and that made them all free. Also not pictured: A Justin Bieber tee from Kohl's for $11 because I bought it for his concert and will likely not wear it again (<---- true confession).

What did you buy this month? Any splurges or steals you want to share?

Oh, crap. I just remembered I bought that spiky necklace from last week's Buried Bauble. So that brings my total to $192. Still under budget, though ;)

Edit! Franziska was so cool to host a budgeting bloggers party on her blog - and there are several savvy shoppers sharing how their budgets broke down this month too. Like I said, I love the idea of blogger shopping transparency. Check out her fabulous finds and the rest of the budgeting bloggers here (and join us if you're feeling crazy).

What I Wore :: Lace Booties

Happy Friday! I'm feeling a little girly today. I think I feel it any time I put on lace. These booties arrived in the mail yesterday and I couldn't wait to put some outfits together (which you may have seen on FB or Twitter already!).

 I've had the sniffles the past week so my body has been rejecting real clothes every day, but now that I'm on the mend it didn't seem to mind some thick leggings and a slouchy sweater.

Aren't they just the most? BB told me they looked like panty hose and I should send them back, but sadly that made me want to keep them even more. I love the boudoir kind of look they add to any outfit. Warning - this height is not for the faint of heel! They are teetering and towering but a large platform helps counter the stiletto and actually makes them kind of comfortable! I'm in love.

Sweater, gifted (obsessed with this one though!). 
Leggings, Marshalls and they're amazing
Booties, Alden by JustFab.
Cape, Express (similar! it's cute!).