AJ Wears :: Tall Boots

What up! Happy hump day to all of the camels out there. In your honor, I'm wearing camel colored boots. Actually, what happened was, these literally came in the mail today and I put them on and walked out of the house.

I mean, muy fabu, oui? I've been crushing on Brooklyn Blonde's Balenciaga over-the-knee boots pretty hard lately, so I had a little ShoeDazzle credit and decided to give these a shot. They're surprisingly wearable in real life, not too shiny, and pretty comfortable. I know not everyone is a OTK fan (formerly known as thigh-high and hooker boots, respectively) but I bought my first pair back in 2007 off of eBay. Let's just say...those have gone to a better place now that the more fashionable retailers have started creating over-the-knee looks. They were probably embarrassing, now that I think about it.

My tips for shopping for over-the-knee boots (and avoiding a Pretty Woman comparison) are as follows ::

1. Nothing shiny. Not only does shiny look cheaper, it translates straight hooker, especially in black! If you're going to choose black, go with suede. It's slouchy-ness will give off a cooler vibe without looking trashy. I love wearing black OTK boots over tights or leggings for a less obvious statement. (these from Asos are pretty inoffensive, here's a cheap version)

2. If you're feeling less adventurous, try a flat one! Flat boots are more versatile and less dressy, so you'll be able to wear them without turning heads (for bad reasons, anyway - combine the rules with this pair!)

3. Pick a color. Black is clearly going to be associated with that Pretty Woman vibe the most, so branch out and look for something in cognac or grey (these are awesome from Macy's!)

4. Finally - things to avoid - too much platform. It might be difficult to find something without a platform right now (they're very on trend) but don't let it creep up too high or you'll be asked where the Champagne Room is. I'd be careful with the heels, too. Nothing too high, too chunky, or too plastic.

Boots, Avery by ShoeDazzle.
Top, Love 21 (Similar color, Fun layers).
Bag, Midtown by JustFab.

AJ Wears :: A t-shirt dress

You know that slouchy, soft tee in your closet you always grab on the days you're feeling uninspired or icky? The comfortable cotton one, that's almost stretched out of shape completely and pilling and rubbing thin in places. The one you can't seem to get rid of until you replace it...and even then, it'll probably become a sleep shirt or workout top.

That's how I feel about this dress. It's not particularly shapely or flattering (minus the color, which I look totally awesome in thanks to my matching eyes) but it's comfortable and familiar. I used to belt it to combat the baggy shape, but now I welcome the shapeless way it hangs, particularly for sticky summer afternoons.

Of course, bold accessories like studded gladiators and a tassel necklace help me from feeling like I'm wearing a sleep shirt in public. Although...basically....I am. And that's why I love it.

Dress, Old Navy (SO OLD, WOW).
Sandals, ShoeDazzle.
Necklaces, BaubleBar.
Bag, JustFab.

AJ Wears :: A Khaki Blazer

First things first - this blazer makes me feel like I'm in Miami Vice. It's khaki, not white, but the big boxy shape and light color always make me go, hmmmmm. I'm definitely not in Miami, though. I'm standing on the parking deck at Park Plaza Mall in Little Rock, Arkansas. SAME SAME.

 Second things secondly - taking your own pictures is so dumb. I ended up with about 50 shots of my hair in my face and only one or two I'd ever consider putting on this blog. And a khaki jacket against a similarly colored parking lot? BRILLIANT! I was clearly thinking that one through.

Finally, the shoes. I really tried, you guys. I was going to wear flats today. I had them on and everything. But once I got dressed in this olive top, I thought my matching olive shoes were just too good to pass up. And they looked better with the giant blazer. Just so you know, I really do make an effort to wear flats. But I refuse to sacrifice a cute outfit to them. I'm really bad at wearing flats, I'll admit it.

What I am good at is snapping a goofy photo while I'm walking toward the camera to check my photos. Boom.

Blazer, Forever 21 (similar, less boxy).
Top, The Limited.
Jeans, JustFab.
Shoes, ShoeDazzle.