AJ Wears :: Traveling pants

This week might be strange and sporadic. I've traveled to Hilton Head, South Carolina for work this week so while I'm hoping I can post some cute outfits and maybe some travel tips, sometimes things just get weird. Or backed up. I snapped these on my balcony this afternoon when I got in - this was my airport outfit for the day. My coziest, most comfortable jeans - gold loafers - and a peplum and blazer that as it turns out, make me look incredibly short waisted. Go figure.

I like to wear my bulkier or unnecessary items when I'm traveling so I don't have to pack them and take up room in my suitcase. I threw on the blazer just for fun and some extra color to add to my outfits this week - the boyfriend jeans won't be worn the most often, but I love them and they're so soft they feel like pajamas, so they're perfect for travel. Once I arrived on the island, it was HOT so I tossed the jacket and jeans for some shorts and sandals. I later spilled steak sauce on this white shirt. So, so me.

So I hope I can show y'all some cute outfits this week. We'll find out.

AJ Wears :: A tutu

Look, I'm not apologizing for today's outfit. I LOVE a grown-up tutu (ie, tulle skirt). Sure, they aren't very practical in day to day life, but on the opposite side of thinking, they're perfect for making day to day life a little more fabulous, a little less mundane. I know I'm not the only one who pretends like she's Carrie Bradshaw when no one is looking.

Maybe I've been watching too much Carrie Diaries lately (LOVE that show), but I was feeling a little Carrie inspired today when I reached for this skirt. It's fun, it's flouncy, and I'm pretty sure the girls at Limited gave me a discount just because they liked my outfit. See? The grown up tutu can be magic.

Also, I wanted to wear these new shoes. They're like, neon coral so that was giving me this awesome 80's vibe. If you missed out on those fabu Zara sandals last summer, snatch these up from JustFab in black!

 Anyway, I wore this to the mall and then went downtown for a photoshoot for my new job (which is radio, btw - they needed some glamour shots to pimp me on the website). Practical? Why not!

Jacket, The Limited.
Top, Express.
Skirt, Forever 21.
Heels, JustFab.
Necklace, Forever 21.

AJ Wears :: A Gingham Shirt

I love a gingham shirt. I found this one on the clearance rack at Target and was wooed by it's adorable little ruffle back. Y'all know I love a detail...especially a girly one. I imagine this can still be layered under a sweater or jacket, but looks really cute on it's own (without being, you know, too cowgirl).

Look, I'm not apologizing for this bag. I asked on Twitter the other day if it was cheating to buy it because it's technically a Phillip Lim dupe.  The consensus was, it's gorgeous, who cares? Now that it's arrived, I'm repping this thing like it was $900 and not $40. I LOVE IT. I'd even consider spending the money on a real one if I didn't have adult responsibilities like taxes and mortgages and car payments and feeding my family. Man, being a real person is so lame sometimes. The good news is, I'm completely in love with my "inspired" purchase and can still pay the bills. Score.

Shirt, Target.
Belt, Forever 21.
Jeans, Forever 21.
Shoes, Copacabana by JustFab.
Bag, Midtown by JustFab.