Friday Favorites Remix :: Black and White Blazer

Back to Life! Back to Reality! (omg click this) We'll end the week with a remix. Except, the past two weeks have kind of ALL been a remix so I just pulled from one of my recent Friday Faves and threw this blazer on.

I tend to dress this blazer up, so I kind of wish I'd tried flats or Chucks with today's remix after looking back at the other outfits. I should also try more color with it. That's why I love these remixes! They give me ideas!

How did you guys remix this week?? Link up below!

AJ Wears :: A dotted blazer

I LOVE DOTS U GUIZE. Seriously, it's been the year of dots (every year previously has been the year of stripes. This year is still the year of stripes too). I picked this blazer up the same time I got the vertical striped one at Gap, so 40% off clearance = cheap blazer. I thought it would be easier to style than it has been, though. I keep wanting to match things to the green cuffs because they're cute.

So if y'all have any styling suggestions for a chambray polka dot blazer, let me know! I'm open to all suggestions because I really want it to work. I love it. It's just adorable.

In other news, I kind of wish my bangs were grown out so I could wear my hair parted in the middle for a while. I know that once it gets cold, I'll be jonesing for some blunt bangs again but for now, I'm bored and would love something a little different. I've been faking it this week! Still waiting for my hair to get long enough to do loose curls. Might need a smaller curling iron. SO MANY ISSUES TODAY.

Blazer, Gap (the fall version).
Skirt, Forever 21.
Wedges............I DUNNO THE 90S???? Look how short!

Friday Favorites Remix :: A dress to a skirt

Did you have any doubt I'd wear this Gap dress again? It's so pretty! I wanted to dress it down a bit so I used Extra Petite's trick of styling a dress as a skirt. This top actually is a tie-up top anyway, but I wanted a more polished look so I added the belt. (PS - saw some in store yesterday, so it's worth looking if your size is sold out online!)

Cheese! I make this face when I don't know what other pictures I need and I don't know what to do. I spent the day running around town - dropping by the radio station to do my Friday show so I could take a full three-day weekend, hitting up The Limited (AGAIN YES SHHHH) because it was 40% off sale and I couldn't stop thinking about a few things I'd tried on yesterday...and Garden Ridge, because I'm a glutton for punishment. I swear, you couldn't put together a decent lamp there if you had magical magnetic Nate Berkus Lamp Hands. I came home empty handed. But here's how I wore the dress last week!!

How did you remix your wardrobe this week? I've upgraded my linky tool and now there are pretty thumbnails, so link up below and show me the magic! Visit a couple of your remixing sisters and let them know you're a linker too if you don't already follow.