AJ Wears :: A floral blazer

Things I should be doing - laundry, any sort of house keeping, work, packing, playing with my dog. What I'm doing instead - blogging, because duh. Mixed in with a bit of facebook and twitter, an occasional browse around various shopping websites, and a mental scolding for not keeping on track. There should be an official diagnosis for the decreased productivity and laziness that occurs before a vacation. I call it "Vacation flu". I am worthless about a week out every time I'm about to leave town.

Unlike real flu, Vacation Flu doesn't deter me from wearing pretty things. I like to wear all of the ridiculous things that don't go with anything else and get it out of my system before I go on a trip, so I don't end up with a bag full of neon jeans and animal print shoes. It's a pretty smart trick, I don't mind if you steal it. One day and counting.

PS - I'm answering questions about blogging and fashion in Arkansas on Eve's Addiction blog today! Check it out and then go buy yourself something nice.

Blazer, Zara (here's a cute print for fall).
Shorts, Forever 21 (similar from dailylook, rachel zoe).
Shoes, Mulberry by ShoeDazzle.

AJ Wears :: A peplum two ways

Today's outfit was interesting. When I got dressed, I liked the over all look, but when I started taking pictures (in the Target parking lot ahem), I didn't like the outfit at all. So in the parking lot, in front of God and everybody, I tucked in my peplum. Okay, that actually wasn't very scandalous, but the results were surprising.

When I sat down to edit these photos, I actually liked BOTH ways. I only just started experimenting with tucking in peplum tops because of a remix challenge, but they really are quite versatile in that manner. The little skirt keeps everything tucked in nicely, the fitted top lends itself to being tucked into full skirts, and you get a new look from just one quick little fix. If you're not packing a peplum...I think you're missing out.

Honestly, I can't pick a favorite. I almost wish I'd had some shoes and a bag change in my car because I think I could have made this look like two totally different outfits! Another day. Either way I wore the peplum (guess which I chose to wear into Target?), the lady checking out in front of me said, "Oh my gosh! You look adorable!" And I was like, "Aw...thanks." So it didn't even matter if my peplum was in or out.

Skirt, Forever 21.
Top, Forever 21.
Flats, ShoeDazzle.
Bag, Rebecca Minkoff (exact).

AJ Wears :: A colorblock dress

I don't always match my outfit to my bag, but when I do...I make sure we're wearing the exact same thing.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed I fell prey to the Kate Spade sale. It happens to the best of us. I think a large leather tote is always a good thing for a woman to have though, even if it IS a ridiculous bright pink and orange one. I love it. It's also a tiny bit smaller than most leather totes, making it perfect for petites.

Dress, H&M (similar for cheap, similar for spendy).
Bag, Kate Spade (exact).
Shoes, ShoeDazzle.
Necklace, eBay.