AJ Wears :: An Anorak

Rainy days and Mondays, right? I've always found that I'm in good spirit about rain if I'm A) sleeping in or B) wearing something bright and fun. Sure, this jacket came in more wearable colors like khaki and red and navy, but something about the fun yellow makes braving the wet streets just a little bit better.

Also a parking meter photo bombed half of my photos today, but look, the leaves are turning. I love a little color. PS - check out my rainy day collection on Pose if you need a little inspiration for any crap weather you may encounter.

Anorak, The Limited (Pretty version from this year).
Tank, The Limited (similar from JCP).
Jeans, JustFab.
Booties, Forever 21 (cute similar from Forever).
Bag, Coach (exact).

AJ Wears :: A Skirt, Some leggings

Hello from California! After a few days of divas and shoes and glam and all that, I met up with my husband in Venice for some R&R. We decided to piggyback off of my JF trip and make a vacation/anniversary trip out of the whole thing. So! Here's what I wore for my beach day. Ignore the John Hamm character staring me down in the background.

 We woke up after being in a tempurpedic coma (thanks, beach house!) and decided to bike to the boardwalk at Venice Beach for some brunch. I LOVE BIKES. Oh man. This skirt/tee combo was perfect for the trip, especially since I wore cotton shorts underneath.

After a bacon egg and cheese and Snapchatting in front of the Snapchat HQs (so meta) we biked to Santa Monica for some shopping and a snack and I saw Rosario Dawson at the Apple Store and bought a leopard print purse from Fossil. A flat tire and about four bottles of water later, we dropped by the Santa Monica Pier to take some pics before heading back to Venice.

The sun goes down, it gets cool here! I ditched the skirt and tee for an olive jacket, stripes, and leggings to head down to Hollywood for a few.

 We also had a chance to drop by Fat Sal's for a sandwich - way too much of a sandwich, by the way - mine had chicken fingers, buffalo sauce, blue cheese dressing, mozzarella sticks, french fries, and like everything but the kitchen sink. SO. MUCH. Nom.

I haven't been to Hollywood since I was a kid, so it was fun to test my hands in front of the Chinese Theater (mine are close to Judy Garlands!) and wait for Marilyn Monroe's ghost at the Roosevelt.

I'm hoping to do a full packing/outfit guide when the trip is over, but hopefully these hold everything over until then!

AJ Wears :: A military inspired vest

Oh September, you tricky beast. I'm going to venture out and say that this month, so far, has been hotter than our entire summer was. I walk into my closet and loathe the thought of another shorts + tank top combination and spend my afternoons hibernating in a cave of air-conditioner and self pity.

Seriously though, I seem to suffer from short-term memory loss when it comes to seasons. I always, always, always want to rush the seasons and somehow forget that it really doesn't get cool here until the end of October. I know it seems like all bloggers are just like OMGFALL all of the time, but I get it. I'm feeling terribly uninspired by my summer wardrobe. I mean, you MIGHT AS WELL put on a sweater if you're going to die of heat stroke, amirite?? 

I've been appeasing myself with little bits of cooler-weather wardrobe here and there. These booties from JustFab (Abbie) don't look completely out of place with a tank top. I'm adding bits of olive, mustard, and burgundy into my outfits. I'm absolutely looking forward to leaving on vacation Thursday - I'll get a little taste of chill in San Fransisco and hopefully that will hold me over for a bit.

I mean, hey. At least I haven't thrown a pumpkin on my porch and started putting cinnamon in everything I drink.

PS - Dotty from dash dot dotty has absolutely been rocking this vest lately and inspired me to pull it out again!

Vest, Forever 21 (exact).
Jeans, The Limited.
Booties, Abbie by JustFab.
Bag, Coach (exact).