Friday Favorites Remix :: Floral Chambray Shirt

It's that time again! Time to remix something I love for Friday. This floral chambray shirt was a clear favorite with you guys, so I decided to give it another shot with a warmer weather outfit.

I love these leather shorts, and I definitely want to wear them a few times before it gets too sticky. I swear, we go from freezing to flaming every other day around here. I'd love a little consistency, Arkansas! Thanks! Anyway, here's how I wore it last time.

And here's a picture of my umbrella photo-bombing my photo. I had to rig it to my tripod so it wouldn't get wet. Actually, while I'm putting in requests, I'm getting a little bored with all of the rain too, Arkansas. Let's cut that out, shall we?

I had several of you mention you'd be interested in a link up, so let's do this! Remix something you wore recently on a Friday and leave your link below - I just found this random link up thing so if anyone has a recommendation for something better, please let me know. I thought we'd at least try it out while we see if anyone wants to link up :)

AJ Wears :: A pop of color times one billion

I almost wrote a long, boring sob story yesterday about "boohoo winter woe is me", accompanied by my sad OOTD (ugly sweater, scarf, boots, in 17 different shades of brown, none of which matched). I'm not so good at the transitioning from winter to spring thing. Maybe it's the Texan in me, but when I'm ready for spring, I'm READY. The thought of putting on tights again makes me barfy.

Luckily for me, the sun came out today and promise of the 60's was enough to make me fix my hair and put on some fun clothes. I even showered (mostly). I've been holding on to these wedges for weeks waiting for some peep toe weather and an appropriate occasion. I'm happy to report they're quite comfortable, and while I don't love how my toes appear to be fighting through the holes to get at some sunshine, I like them enough to pretend I don't notice. Denial is a bloggers best friend.

Top, Target.
Skirt, Forever 21 (almost identical and cheap!).
Wedges, JustFab.
Necklace, Dillard's.

AJ Wears :: A trench coat

Yesterday blogger friend Sandra and I were discussing what a pain the wind has been lately for taking outfit photos. I feel like I've been in a wind tunnel after just two minutes of snapping pics - doesn't help that it's freezing, too. We should've been on the patio yesterday at brunch! March, you are not my friend.

So basically, I'm glad I got anything I could actually use with these photos and that's about it. This printed chambray shirt from Old Navy was a big hit at brunch (which turned into dinner. the best kind!). It might be my new favorite shirt. Also, I probably don't wear this trench enough. One time I almost lopped the arms off to turn it into a vest. That would have been really weird.

Trench, Old Navy.
Shirt, Old Navy.
Jeans, JustFab.
Shoes, Hiral by JustFab.