AJ Wears :: A peplum two ways

Today's outfit was interesting. When I got dressed, I liked the over all look, but when I started taking pictures (in the Target parking lot ahem), I didn't like the outfit at all. So in the parking lot, in front of God and everybody, I tucked in my peplum. Okay, that actually wasn't very scandalous, but the results were surprising.

When I sat down to edit these photos, I actually liked BOTH ways. I only just started experimenting with tucking in peplum tops because of a remix challenge, but they really are quite versatile in that manner. The little skirt keeps everything tucked in nicely, the fitted top lends itself to being tucked into full skirts, and you get a new look from just one quick little fix. If you're not packing a peplum...I think you're missing out.

Honestly, I can't pick a favorite. I almost wish I'd had some shoes and a bag change in my car because I think I could have made this look like two totally different outfits! Another day. Either way I wore the peplum (guess which I chose to wear into Target?), the lady checking out in front of me said, "Oh my gosh! You look adorable!" And I was like, "Aw...thanks." So it didn't even matter if my peplum was in or out.

Skirt, Forever 21.
Top, Forever 21.
Flats, ShoeDazzle.
Bag, Rebecca Minkoff (exact).

AJ Wears :: Anchor Shorts

Two things - I don't know what's happening. I remember Arkansas in August as moving into my dorm, sweating off about 25 lbs, and barely making it up and down the dorm stairs. So imagine my surprise at an Arkansas August that's amazing enough to sit on the patio at 4pm and then you need a sweater by 9! I'm in love. Secondly, today's ensemble is super chill but this is what I wear to run errands and patio drink. These espadrilles were an earlier summer purchase, but then I stepped in a giant mud puddle while I was walking my dog and almost destroyed them! After a Dawn and Shout bath, they're almost as good as new. To be honest, I really wanted the Tory Burch espadrilles, but they sold out and I'm not a gazillionare. Thanks, TJ Maxx!

PS - I accidentally published this like, last week. So if you've already seen it...oops! SAHRY. :)

Shorts, TJ Maxx.
Flats, Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx. 
Cardi, Target. 

AJ Wears :: Flowers and Stripes

Y'all, summer finally made it. I wasn't sure we'd be getting any scorchers but the temps have finally settled in at 98-101 (plus the aaaaahsome humidity) so my advice to everyone is :: wear as little as possible.

I settled on this breezy tank (surprise! there's a bow in the back!) and some fun shorts for today. This combination came about when I was trying on this top a few months ago - I was wearing these shorts and thought, "Actually, these kind of work together!" Y'all know I love some stripes and florals. It's like peanut butter and brown sugar. Wait, what? You don't make those kinds of sandwiches? WELL YOU SHOULD. Trust me. It's delicious.

Today's post comes with a second piece of advice. Never start buying nicer bags. It's like Pringles. Once you pop, you can't stop. This is the latest addition to my little collection - the cutest little camera bag you ever did see! I blame Gilt and my friend Amy for reminding me to go look at the sale on Gilt. The end of the story is, I love it and I don't care and I just cut my bag collection down to less than 20 so what's another little sister? Plus, look. Preeeeettttyyyyy.

Top, TJ Maxx.
Shorts, The Limited.
Wedges, Banana Republic.
Bag, Rebecca Minkoff (exact).