Friday Favorites Remix :: Mint Shorts

Hola! Today's remix popped into my head this morning when I was thinking about how I wanted to wear this shirt I picked up at the E.Leigh's tent sale last week. I don't think I own enough mint, so I picked this up (because peplum, duh) and have been trying to decide how to style it since.

Luckily for me, I ran across these mint shorts when looking through my archives for ideas for this week's remix and the lightbulb went off. WHAT IF I WORE MINT ON MINT?? This is what. Now you know. I actually quite liked it for a really girly summer look. I tried to put more interesting shoes with it, but the top is so froofy I felt like it needed to be the only thing competing in the outfit. It's also very delicate lace that keeps getting caught on things, so I should wear it while I can before I snag a giant hole in the front. Here's how I wore these fun shorts last week! Seriously should have bought them in every color. NEXT YEAR, LIMITED!

How did you guy re-wear this week? This is always my favorite part of the week, checking out your fabulous outfits! Link up below and show your blog sisters some love.

Take One, Day 18 :: Travel Scarf

I spent the week trying to figure out how to work my Take One remix items to this outfit - not that this outfit is particularly lust worthy, but it set the tone for my entire trip wardrobe. Mostly I just wanted to wear my awesome sneaker wedges to the airport.

They were the perfect airport shoe, too. Comfy, cool, and easy to slip on and off in security. I'm going to ignore any jokes you make about velcro straps, today only, because I'm so exhausted. I would have taken some really sweet airport pictures, but that didn't happen. So you get pictures in the hotel by the elevators. SO CHIC RIGHT???

I love the Austin airport. You can tell you're going to get into something funky before you even set foot outside of the airport. So, assuming I can manage to take outfit photos, you'll see some sweet work outfits over the next few days, mixed with travel, mixed with the take one wardrobe remix! SO MANY THINGS!

Sweatshirt, Forever 21.
Jeans, JustFab.
Scarf, We'll just call it "vintage".
Sneakers, ShoeDazzle.

What I Wore :: Elephants on Parade

I love the silly printed sweater trend this season (already did it once here). So someone please stop me, I'm going to buy all of them. This one has elephants all over it. It's such a delight. I tried it on and visited it weekly at Forever before finally committing to the VERY LAST ONE when I went shopping last week to reward myself for voting (treat yo self).

I mean, come on. LOOK AT IT. It's a perfect fun color, it's deliciously soft, and the elephants are fun and cute and whatever, I love it. Just add a faux color (this ones from JewelMint - how genius, right?) and whatever you want on bottom. Literally. Pretty sure this sweater goes with everything.

I chose studded loafers in a luscious teal because I was in straight lounging mode all day and wanted to keep comfy. These are definitely the comfiest shoes I own - and some of the sassiest. Great combo, I think. More comfy shoes should be sassy. And boyfriend jeans - because let's face it, it's one step away from wearing pajama pants.

Sweater, Forever 21.
Jeans, Forever 21.
Loafers, Annie by ShoeDazzle.
Faux Jeweled Collar, JewelMint.