AJ Wears :: A blazer and jeans

I hate it when people call a particular outfit their "uniform". I've worn a few uniforms in my life - scrubs when I worked at a hospital, an ugly black polo when I worked at Chili's, various sports team and dance uniforms....none of them bring a warm fuzzy feeling to mind the way a blazer, skinny jeans, and striped tee do. If I had a uniform though, it would probably look something like this.

When I don't know what else to put on, it's stripes. When I want to look more polished, I add a blazer. And when I know I'm going to be hitting the mall hard, I pack my loafers. These are particularly fun because of the spikes.

I haven't decided if I'm going to do a shopping haul or not, but I had the most successful shopping weekend. My mom and sister and I are bad news when we go shopping together. I had a few things on my wishlist for the weekend - a black circle skirt, a floral blazer, and a really nice leather bag - and I managed them all (along with far too many extras!). My sister built a whole outfit after finding these adorable sunflower shorts at American Apparel. My mom said she bought mostly tops, while I seemed to grab only jackets. I don't do these big shopping weekends often, so it's fun to go splurge once in a while.

Top, Limited.
Blazer, Target.
Necklace, BaubleBar.
Loafers, ShoeDazzle.

AJ Wears :: A tutu

Look, I'm not apologizing for today's outfit. I LOVE a grown-up tutu (ie, tulle skirt). Sure, they aren't very practical in day to day life, but on the opposite side of thinking, they're perfect for making day to day life a little more fabulous, a little less mundane. I know I'm not the only one who pretends like she's Carrie Bradshaw when no one is looking.

Maybe I've been watching too much Carrie Diaries lately (LOVE that show), but I was feeling a little Carrie inspired today when I reached for this skirt. It's fun, it's flouncy, and I'm pretty sure the girls at Limited gave me a discount just because they liked my outfit. See? The grown up tutu can be magic.

Also, I wanted to wear these new shoes. They're like, neon coral so that was giving me this awesome 80's vibe. If you missed out on those fabu Zara sandals last summer, snatch these up from JustFab in black!

 Anyway, I wore this to the mall and then went downtown for a photoshoot for my new job (which is radio, btw - they needed some glamour shots to pimp me on the website). Practical? Why not!

Jacket, The Limited.
Top, Express.
Skirt, Forever 21.
Heels, JustFab.
Necklace, Forever 21.

What I Wore :: The Wall

Fun fact : I actually used to be an entertainment reporter (and had a brief stint on the radio, bleh!). So because of that, I occasionally pick up some freelance gigs doing video or talent. I recently made a video for a new online shopping experience called The Wall, which opened officially today at McCain Mall in North Little Rock.

We hit up the kick off party this morning to see how the wall turned out - as you can see, it's huge! It's a super fun concept where you use your phone to scan a QR code and then buy whatever you found on the wall directly on your phone. It's cool because it gives smaller businesses a chance to have a "store front" in the mall that might not have otherwise had the resources or time to.

 I don't know what you wear to a mall party, but I picked a bright jacket and some stripes.

 Jeans that aren't skinny? What??? I know, it's weird for me too. I pull out my old trusty bootcuts from time to time. I feel like the shape is ridiculously flattering. These are the 678 cut from The Limited - equivalent to their Drew pants if you're familiar.

 Adorable QR code cupcakes from Sweet Love Bakes! They were delicious, too.

BB tries out The Wall. I wish he'd gone ahead and ordered those Omaha steaks, that would be delicious for dinner tonight.

Blazer, Zara. Tee, StyleMint. Jeans, The Limited. Pumps, JustFab. Necklace, BaubleBar.