Friday Favorites Remix :: Leopard Crop

Happy Friday! This leopard crop made such a huge splash last week I decided to see what I could do with it this week. I was thinking a shorts + blazer combo, but man, that did not work. Then I tried a pencil skirt which did, but left me wishing this was just plain black. So here's what I ended up with!

I lost three pounds this week, so I'm practically ready to rock this thing with nothing but bathing suit bottoms and lucite heels. I actually wasn't sure about the whole thing to be honest, but then a girl at the mall said she liked my outfit. So that was that! Confidence regained. Here's how I wore it last week!

How did you guys re-wear this week? Link up below and make sure you show your other remixing bloggies some love!

AJ Wears :: A cropped tee

Y'all, I have lost my mind. I went to the gym one time this week and I skip forward to showing off like the work is all done. I love a good trend as much as the next girl, especially if I can buy in on the cheap. Thanks, Forever 21! I couldn't resist this leopard print crop for $8 and next thing you know, I'm in public with my burrito belly hanging out.

Too cool for smiling? YEP. Thing is, my friend Elizabeth rocked a crop + maxi a few weeks ago and I was convinced I needed to try it. She's a lot cooler than I am, though, so she was all effortless and awesome and I spent most of my afternoon sucking in and checking to make sure my belly button hadn't popped out (WWBED - What Would Barbara Eden Do?).

 As uncomfortable as a small sliver of skin like this can be, it's also slightly liberating. I mean, it's really just like wearing a belt. Made of skin. Erm, that sounds kind of weird.

I don't know, man. I kind of loved it. I know it's not a look everyone loves but something about the high waist + crop makes me want to play around and see what else I can get away with. Just...someone take away my domain name if you see this under a pair of overalls with combat boots. The 90's called and were like, "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???" Oh, my gosh. Leopard print? Baby tee? Cropped??? It's so obnoxious. And that's kind of the reason I love it.

Crop, Forever 21.
Skirt, e.Leigh's.
Necklace, BaubleBar.
Bag, Coach.

AJ Wears :: A utility vest

This was a fantastic weekend. I made a little getaway to Dallas with my mom and sister for a girls' weekend of shopping, eating, and girl time (which included helping my sister box ombre her hair!). So the next couple of days will be recapping the outfits I wore over the weekend - and I'll even throw some wise weekend packing tips your way.

 Tip one :: comfy shoes are key for a weekend of shopping. I picked these sassy little wedge sneakers for a day of driving and then exploring North Park. I had a girl following me around Sephora asking about these things, and I told her what I'm about to tell you - I'm not apologizing for loving wedge sneakers. They're probably dorky and stupid and ugly, but these things are comfy and make me feel cooler than I actually am. When they go out of style, I'll have to find something else to make me look cool like a belly button ring or a pink streak in my hair.

Tip two :: plan your outfits accordingly - or be prepared to buy something to make your outfit better. In this case, it was the vest. I was feeling frumpy after a day of traveling and my outfit was missing the va-va-voom, so I spent most of the afternoon looking for something to "fix" my outfit. I may have never tried on this vest at H&M, or even LOOKED at it, but I put it on and instantly loved the little something it added to my outfit. I bought it and totally became that person who pulls the tags off in front of the store and immediately put it on. I should be embarrassed, but instead I took pictures in it. BLOGGER PROBS.

Vest, H&M.
Tee, StyleMint.
Scarf, Limited.
Pants, Life in Progress.
Wedges, JustFab.