AJ Wears :: A floral blazer

Things I should be doing - laundry, any sort of house keeping, work, packing, playing with my dog. What I'm doing instead - blogging, because duh. Mixed in with a bit of facebook and twitter, an occasional browse around various shopping websites, and a mental scolding for not keeping on track. There should be an official diagnosis for the decreased productivity and laziness that occurs before a vacation. I call it "Vacation flu". I am worthless about a week out every time I'm about to leave town.

Unlike real flu, Vacation Flu doesn't deter me from wearing pretty things. I like to wear all of the ridiculous things that don't go with anything else and get it out of my system before I go on a trip, so I don't end up with a bag full of neon jeans and animal print shoes. It's a pretty smart trick, I don't mind if you steal it. One day and counting.

PS - I'm answering questions about blogging and fashion in Arkansas on Eve's Addiction blog today! Check it out and then go buy yourself something nice.

Blazer, Zara (here's a cute print for fall).
Shorts, Forever 21 (similar from dailylook, rachel zoe).
Shoes, Mulberry by ShoeDazzle.

Friday Favorites Remix :: All the favorites

Hey friends! Ugh, I have to confess - even though I totally re-wore these shorts last night in hopes that they'd be my friday favorites remix piece, I ran out the door without my camera card and never got a pic. You'll just have to trust that the remix was adorable. So, instead, we're going to recap some of my favorite pieces I've worn on the blog time and time again. Like above - my leather shorts. They easily jump from spring to summer to fall.

Like my boyfriend blazer. I've worn this trusty blazer at least once a week since I bought it on clearance at Target YEARS ago. It's actually quite worn and needs to be replaced soon, but I'm scared I won't find another one I love as much! I've actually done a remix with this blazer before, and these are even MORE looks. It is by far my most loved and versatile piece in my closet.

Like this striped shirt. I love stripes - and probably have too many variations of stripes in my closet - but they're terribly wearable and add something fun to an outfit. I love this particular tee from The Limited because of the different stripe widths, but I've worn so many stripes over the past few years I decided to dedicate an entire collection on Pose to my stripe collection!

These are just a few of my favorites that I reach for time and time again. They're practically fool proof. So this week, share what you remixed, how you wore before, or even just toss up some of your tried-and-true favorites and link up below!

Friday Favorites Remix :: Floral Chambray Shirt

It's that time again! Time to remix something I love for Friday. This floral chambray shirt was a clear favorite with you guys, so I decided to give it another shot with a warmer weather outfit.

I love these leather shorts, and I definitely want to wear them a few times before it gets too sticky. I swear, we go from freezing to flaming every other day around here. I'd love a little consistency, Arkansas! Thanks! Anyway, here's how I wore it last time.

And here's a picture of my umbrella photo-bombing my photo. I had to rig it to my tripod so it wouldn't get wet. Actually, while I'm putting in requests, I'm getting a little bored with all of the rain too, Arkansas. Let's cut that out, shall we?

I had several of you mention you'd be interested in a link up, so let's do this! Remix something you wore recently on a Friday and leave your link below - I just found this random link up thing so if anyone has a recommendation for something better, please let me know. I thought we'd at least try it out while we see if anyone wants to link up :)