Friday Favorites Remix :: That peplum, Again

When I picked what piece from last week to remix, I had totally forgotten that I'd already remixed this piece on a Friday once before! It's going to be a great piece to transition into fall though, so I figured, remix away! Plus...I was already dressed.

So just for fun, I'm showing off not only how I wore this piece last week, but the other two times before that. Clearly, it's a favorite.

PS - In case you're interested, this is how I wore these leggings (as pants) the last time. No shame. No apologies.

Time to link up! How did YOU re-wear this week??

Friday Favorites Remix :: (p)Leather Peplum

I must say...Friday Favorites is becoming a highlight of each week for me. I love looking back to the week before and seeing all of the things I can remix. I actually had planned to remix the navy pants from last week, but I CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE. What on earth? No idea where they went. So I took the back up plan and put on an outfit I dreamed up when I got both of these pieces.

 Okay, to be honest, I didn't even go anywhere today. I made a sandwich for lunch, had a conference call at two, walked the was an uneventful day. I imagine this get up would be great for a girls' night out or a fun party outfit, but today it was basically fancy pajamas. I did feel a lot more sassy while sitting at my desk tapping out emails...there's nothing wrong with wearing something just for yourself. Plus, I had to put on clothes today to do the remix. So....there's that. JUST KEEPIN' IT REAL, Y'ALL.

OH YEAH. And here's how I wore it last week! Almost forgot that part. It can be casual, it can be dressy. Magic!!

Peplum, Forever 21 (exact).
Skirt, Charlotte Russe (exact).
Necklace, Christmas Gift.
Shoes, Cadiz by JustFab.

And we all love a link up party, so add your links of something you remixed this week below!


Friday Favorites Remix :: Tuxedo Blazer

To be honest, today's remix was supposed to be really different. Same leather peplum, but I had on the white jeans from last Monday and some cute orange sandals. It had to have been at least 75 when I woke up, but when I walked outside after some storms blew through it was in the 50s! I had to rethink my springy outfit before I left the house.

I decided to save my creation for later and instead opted for my new distressed skinnies from JustFab and this blazer from last Thursday. I've been looking for "boyfriend style" denim that wasn't so baggy; sometimes that volume can be a little overwhelming on my shorter figure. These skinnies arrived this week and I was the MOST impressed with them. They're ridiculously comfy, but are fitted enough that they don't look sloppy. I may never take them off.

As for the jacket, it's a favorite piece I splurged on when I worked at The Limited. They released it in their holiday collection and I thought it would be perfect for layering over fun party dresses. What I didn't realize was that it was just as easily dressed down with a t-shirt and jeans. It's got an interesting cropped tuxedo shape I haven't seen a lot, so I imagine I'll be able to wear it forever. Here's how I wore it last week ::

Ready to link up? Show me how you rewore one of your favorite pieces this week! And sorry about being so lazy with this post. It should have been up hours ago, but, you know, life. PS - for those of you who linked before, it's letting you submit new links, right? Let me know. Still working on finding something better.