AJ Wears :: Stripes with Lace

This might be one of those outfits that looked better in my head, or at least better in person. I'm okay with that.

I wore this to book club. I'm in a book club. I'm not sure anyone even reads the books, we just get together and have a glass and eat fantastic food (Trio's this week...amazing!) but it's a fabulous little group of girls and I'm glad they took me in.

And I have no idea what my husband had said to me there to make me make that face, but you're welcome. Also, it shows off my spin pin bun which I was very proud of. I'm thinking I like the spin pins, although it's kind of lame I can only make buns with them.

Pants, H&M.
Striped Shirt, StyleMint.
Lace Shirt, Probably Forever.
Wedges & Bag, JustFab.

What I Wore :: Lace Booties

Happy Friday! I'm feeling a little girly today. I think I feel it any time I put on lace. These booties arrived in the mail yesterday and I couldn't wait to put some outfits together (which you may have seen on FB or Twitter already!).

 I've had the sniffles the past week so my body has been rejecting real clothes every day, but now that I'm on the mend it didn't seem to mind some thick leggings and a slouchy sweater.

Aren't they just the most? BB told me they looked like panty hose and I should send them back, but sadly that made me want to keep them even more. I love the boudoir kind of look they add to any outfit. Warning - this height is not for the faint of heel! They are teetering and towering but a large platform helps counter the stiletto and actually makes them kind of comfortable! I'm in love.

Sweater, gifted (obsessed with this one though!). 
Leggings, Marshalls and they're amazing
Booties, Alden by JustFab.
Cape, Express (similar! it's cute!).

What I Wore :: Christmas Pictures

WHAT on earth do you wear for Christmas pictures? All I knew when I woke up this morning was that my sister requested "festive attire" because she was taking us somewhere for magical Christmas pictures. I'd already worn my red sweater...burn. I decided to go snow-bunny neutral with a winter white.

 Can't go wrong with white and black, right? I don't think I've even worn this dress before, but I knew when I did I wanted to put it with leather and tights. As for the rest of my day, here's how it unfolds:

 Fancy sodas at Pops on 66 (I love that place! And their buffalo wing soda!)

 Christmas shopping at the Pop-up shops downtown (and watching ice skaters, so Christmas!)

 Posing in front of the giant decorations at Devon Tower downtown...I love these sparkly ornaments!

 Gorgeous pine cones inside of the tower gave me extra Christmas spirit.

 I hear Santa is nearby....

My adorable family. Christmas is the best, AMIRITE???? PS - yes, everyone else wore freaking red. I'm such an outcast slash snowflake princess. Whatevsys, Our trip was super fun! Merry early Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

Dress, Forever 21.
Shoes, Target.
Jacket, Forever 21.
Necklace, BaubleBar.
Super mega crazy bun, CLAIRES! (getchu one)