AJ Wears :: Traveling pants

This week might be strange and sporadic. I've traveled to Hilton Head, South Carolina for work this week so while I'm hoping I can post some cute outfits and maybe some travel tips, sometimes things just get weird. Or backed up. I snapped these on my balcony this afternoon when I got in - this was my airport outfit for the day. My coziest, most comfortable jeans - gold loafers - and a peplum and blazer that as it turns out, make me look incredibly short waisted. Go figure.

I like to wear my bulkier or unnecessary items when I'm traveling so I don't have to pack them and take up room in my suitcase. I threw on the blazer just for fun and some extra color to add to my outfits this week - the boyfriend jeans won't be worn the most often, but I love them and they're so soft they feel like pajamas, so they're perfect for travel. Once I arrived on the island, it was HOT so I tossed the jacket and jeans for some shorts and sandals. I later spilled steak sauce on this white shirt. So, so me.

So I hope I can show y'all some cute outfits this week. We'll find out.

AJ Wears :: A trench and a dress

I spent my day primarily in meetings today, prepping for a large conference our company is throwing in a few weeks.  Since I work remotely, I don't really NEED to get dressed most days, but when I'm going to be on webcam in a meeting, I at least make an effort to throw on a nice top and sprunch my hair a bit (yes, sprunch). I may have gone a bit overboard by putting on a dress today, but I've been dreaming of a dress + trench combo for a few days.

The verdict, however, is that it's FAR too warm for a trench, even a light one with three-quarter length sleeves. I ditched it shortly after stepping outside. I think I might have been intended for milder temps. I love shorts and a tee as much as the next girl, but I look good in layers. It's going to be a long summer. PS - Please excuse the bruises. I fell out of a canoe this weekend.

Edited to add :: I wrote this post Monday afternoon, after watching tornado coverage all afternoon. My heart and prayers are with everyone in Moore and anyone affected by this storm. It hits close to home, because living in the path of tornadoes is something you never get used to but always have to be prepared for. I texted my sister this afternoon after I heard about the tornado on the way to make sure she was okay and aware. She was at the mall (are we sisters or what?) and assured me that she would be fine as long as it didn't take a weird turn north. It feels odd and clunky to address something that has my heart so heavy when all I really do is take pictures of what I'm wearing every day, but it didn't feel right to blindly ignore it either. I may edit this post a million more times throughout the day, but the sentiment is the same - I'm thinking about you.

Now it looks like we could get some weather today in Arkansas, so if you need me, I'll be in my closet. In flats. Stay safe, you guys.

AJ Wears :: A Khaki Blazer

First things first - this blazer makes me feel like I'm in Miami Vice. It's khaki, not white, but the big boxy shape and light color always make me go, hmmmmm. I'm definitely not in Miami, though. I'm standing on the parking deck at Park Plaza Mall in Little Rock, Arkansas. SAME SAME.

 Second things secondly - taking your own pictures is so dumb. I ended up with about 50 shots of my hair in my face and only one or two I'd ever consider putting on this blog. And a khaki jacket against a similarly colored parking lot? BRILLIANT! I was clearly thinking that one through.

Finally, the shoes. I really tried, you guys. I was going to wear flats today. I had them on and everything. But once I got dressed in this olive top, I thought my matching olive shoes were just too good to pass up. And they looked better with the giant blazer. Just so you know, I really do make an effort to wear flats. But I refuse to sacrifice a cute outfit to them. I'm really bad at wearing flats, I'll admit it.

What I am good at is snapping a goofy photo while I'm walking toward the camera to check my photos. Boom.

Blazer, Forever 21 (similar, less boxy).
Top, The Limited.
Jeans, JustFab.
Shoes, ShoeDazzle.