Friday Favorites Remix :: Striped Jacket

I love seeing what things on my blog really take off or resonate with people, and one thing that seems to be really popular with everyone is a good remix. My 30x30 is consistently in my top posts, and I got a lot of great feedback from the Take One, Pass it on challenge. So inspired by that, I've decided to start a new post on Fridays - The Friday Favorites Remix!

I loved the Take One remix challenge. It let me remix my clothes and be creative without having to do too much pre-planning. And so often, I buy pieces I truly love and want to wear over and over again - and while I do, I don't often put those outfits on the blog because I feel like y'all "just saw that". So I came up with a solution! If people love seeing how to remix stuff they already have, and I love wearing things a bunch of times in a row, I should do a weekly remix segment. So I'm going to choose a favorite piece from the week before and remix it on Fridays. You like?

I loved this Gap jacket enough to wear it again, and I busted out the sleeves in this dress so I can only wear it with a jacket. I just need to cut off the sleeves and make it sleeveless, I guess. It fits in the waist but is way, way too tight in the shoulders. I almost couldn't slide my card in the machine at Sonic. NO DRESS GETS IN THE WAY OF ME AND MY HAPPY HOUR, OKAY? Anyway, here's how I wore it last week.

So, is this something we like? Would anyone be interested in linking up and joining me for a weekly remix?

Dress, Forever 21 (which is clearly why it fell apart).
Jacket, Gap.
Belt, The Limited.
Shoes, JustFab.

AJ Wears :: A denim jacket

A denim jacket is one of those things I think you should never get rid of. If you find one you love, in a classic style, that thing will always come back. I bought this one at Gap during college and wore it at least once a week back then. When denim went the way of those shirts that grew three sizes when you put them on (seriously, what was up with that?), I put it in the back of my closet and waited.

And here we are today. I sometimes wish that I'd gotten one that was a little less stiff and a little more classic and casual, but I love the unique shape of this one and how easily it goes over a cute printed dress.

I've also been excited to pull these bracelets out again. I love them. They were a handmade wedding gift from the artist, but I recently found out she's selling them on Anthro's website now!

Okay, enough useful talk, now here's a story about these shoes. They were a hot topic tonight! I never know what makes a pair worth discussing, but these got a lot of attention. One of the girls at the Apple store suggested we make a trade, but didn't have any iPad minis to barter with so they went home with me. It's all for the best. I kind of like these shoes, regardless of how ridiculous my husband might think they are.

Dress, Francesca's Collections.
Jacket, Gap (similar on sale!).
Shoes, ShoeDazzle.
Bag, Bombshell by JustFab.
Bracelets, By Britt.

AJ Wears :: A striped jacket

There are some days an outfit comes together in one try. And then there are days where you put on 6 different tops and 4 different jeans just trying to make it work. I knew I wanted to wear this jacket today, and I thought it would look killer with these shoes, but all of the in-betweens just weren't working for me.

I finally gave up and settled on these boyfriend jeans and a ruffled top and went to the mall for cheese fries. I know when to wave the white flag.

The end of the story is, even though no one at the mall said I looked cute (uh, that never happens #vaintweets) I still FELT cute. Also I swear this jacket is navy in person and I can't wait to wear it with about three other outfits I've dreamt up before it gets warm. Also, I must have been reading too much Atlantic-Pacific lately because I was trying to look all classy and elusive in these photos and most of them just looked like I needed to go to the bathroom.

Hey. These little stories I tell can't all be winners.

Jacket, Gap.
Top, The Limited.
Pumps, JustFab.
Jeans, Forever 21.
Bag, Vintage.