AJ Wears :: Shorts and Rainboots

When we have severe weather in Arkansas, we do it UP. There's a hashtag on Twitter (#arwx) everyone uses to pretend they're a meteorologist or storm chaser, everyone goes and buys bread, milk and eggs just in case the power goes out and you suddenly develop a taste for french toast, and then we all hunker down and watch TV all night while something (or nothing) happens. Everyone speculates about where the safest place in their house is and people leave work at like 2 o'clock. What I'm saying is, if it's going to be a "severe weather event day", the whole town loses its collective mind.

But sadly, some of us still have to leave the house for work and errands and things, so thank goodness for wellies. The weather has been teasing me lately and I have about 4 pairs of new shoes I haven't gotten to wear. IN FACT, I have an entire outfit I've been waiting for the right occasion to wear. I thought today would be the day. It wasn't. True confession :: I actually hate this outfit today after seeing it in pics, but my hair looks good so I had to post.

Then they canceled all of the tornado warnings and it just rained. Glad we're all in the clear. Glad I've got rainboots either way. PS - taking photos, in the pouring rain, on the street, out of the back of your car, is difficult. That's all!

Shorts, The Limited (mine are striped but whatever. here's a pink pair).
Boots, Hunter.
Chambray, Old Navy.
Cardi, Old Navy.

AJ Wears :: A bright red blazer

Today's story is short and sweet. It's cold, and rainy, and it makes me want to do nothing but roll around in bed and eat chocolate. I still have to get out and interact with the general public, though, so I threw on my trusty wellies and hit the streets (ie target mall etc etc).

And everywhere I went, people complimented my outfit or my boots. And every time, I would say, "Thank you! It's the only way I can get dressed on days like these - if I wear something bright and fun!"

And that's the truth. Then my jacket split down the back and I moped the rest of the day. I didn't even want to take pictures I was so distraught - but I did some in the backyard anyway (so no one would see the giant hole in my jacket). The end!

Skirt, The Limited.
Boots, Hunter.
Necklace, Francesca's.

Take One, Day 11 :: Cardi Party

Hey, everybody! It's a cardi party! My sister actually made this amazing music video a few years ago where she and her friends sang a song about a cardi party. Sadly, it's been removed from YouTube and now Old Navy can probably claim they came up with the saying on their own. Anyway, after saying that I sometimes I feel frumpy fab in a cardigan yesterday, I want to take it a little less teacher today.

 Also it rained, so I bebopped around town in leggings and rainboots. I'm aware we're bordering on dangerously close to leggings as pants territory, and I wish I could apologize for that, but I can't. Like I said, it was raining. My underpants radius is deep and wide on days like this. If I could wear my giraffe onesie in public on days like today, I would. I also wish I could apologize for not taking any pics without my jacket on, but we did the world's fastest photoshoot today as it was sleeting in our faces.

 Enjoying the rain. And the cold. Clearly.

Side note: I asked y'all on Twitter what you do with your hair when it's wet. I don't often dry mine, so it's usually in a low bun or french braid while it dries and then I curl it the next day. But since that gets old, I'm always looking for new ideas. This double french braid bobby pin monstrosity is bordering on Heidi territory, but I don't mind it so much.

Cardigan, still haven't looked at the tag.
Shirt, Forever 21, 92% sure
Boots, Hunter.
Socks, Also Hunter
Earrings, JewelMint.
Bag, The Limited.
Coat, Gap.