Friday Favorites Remix :: The Chambray Shirt

Happy Friday! So, the question of the year is - are we tired of chambray yet? I know it won't be around forever, but right now it really feels like a classic or a staple piece to me. YEAR ROUND, in fact. It's perfect for layering, and fun to play with because it's like wearing jeans on your top parts.

Oooh, GPOYF. Look how aloof I am. Look how I almost seem surprised that this picture was taken, even though I took it myself with a tripod and a remote. Actually, I really do take a lot of mistake pictures so it's possible I didn't even know what was happening. Ooh, pretty scarf (H&M. Didn't see it online but it's a recent purchase so check in store).

What I'm saying is, I love mine, and I've worn it like a zillion ways....which you can see right here.

How did you guys remix it up this week? Link up below!

AJ Wears :: An Animal Print

Animal prints are like, SO IN for fall (When are they not? Could someone please explain??). So when I do animal, I do it up. I want an ANIMAL PRINT *ON* my ANIMAL PRINT. Go the extra mile with fashion, you guys.  Don't be lame.

The backstory on this dress is, I actually wore this last night to the movies but my stupid camera was out of batteries so I put it back on this morning for a quick shoot. And dang, it's hot. Speaking of hot, we saw The Heat and I daresay it was the funniest movie I've seen all year. I just really love Melissa McCarthy (SOOKIE!!!) though.

The backstory on these sandals is, I freaking loved the Isabel Marant sandals the first time I saw them. I was thinking, "Oh, they're probably Jeffrey Campbell or something, $200 is a lot for sandals but when you're in love, it's meant to be!" JUST KIDDING THEY WERE OVER $1000 FREAKING DOLLARS. No ma'am, Pam. I went on a Twitter rant about anyone who would spend $1000 on sandals and then moped the rest of the summer until I managed to find these knock-offs on eBay. Do I condone the buying of knock-offs? Honestly, in this case, I do. These will fall apart by the time they are soooooo out so I'm going to enjoy them the rest of the summer. I just think they look awesome.

Belt, H&M.
Sandals, eBay (exact, only $25!).
Bag, Kate Spade (exact on sale).

AJ Wears :: A colorblock dress

I don't always match my outfit to my bag, but when I do...I make sure we're wearing the exact same thing.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed I fell prey to the Kate Spade sale. It happens to the best of us. I think a large leather tote is always a good thing for a woman to have though, even if it IS a ridiculous bright pink and orange one. I love it. It's also a tiny bit smaller than most leather totes, making it perfect for petites.

Dress, H&M (similar for cheap, similar for spendy).
Bag, Kate Spade (exact).
Shoes, ShoeDazzle.
Necklace, eBay.