AJ Wears :: A trench and a dress

I spent my day primarily in meetings today, prepping for a large conference our company is throwing in a few weeks.  Since I work remotely, I don't really NEED to get dressed most days, but when I'm going to be on webcam in a meeting, I at least make an effort to throw on a nice top and sprunch my hair a bit (yes, sprunch). I may have gone a bit overboard by putting on a dress today, but I've been dreaming of a dress + trench combo for a few days.

The verdict, however, is that it's FAR too warm for a trench, even a light one with three-quarter length sleeves. I ditched it shortly after stepping outside. I think I might have been intended for milder temps. I love shorts and a tee as much as the next girl, but I look good in layers. It's going to be a long summer. PS - Please excuse the bruises. I fell out of a canoe this weekend.

Edited to add :: I wrote this post Monday afternoon, after watching tornado coverage all afternoon. My heart and prayers are with everyone in Moore and anyone affected by this storm. It hits close to home, because living in the path of tornadoes is something you never get used to but always have to be prepared for. I texted my sister this afternoon after I heard about the tornado on the way to make sure she was okay and aware. She was at the mall (are we sisters or what?) and assured me that she would be fine as long as it didn't take a weird turn north. It feels odd and clunky to address something that has my heart so heavy when all I really do is take pictures of what I'm wearing every day, but it didn't feel right to blindly ignore it either. I may edit this post a million more times throughout the day, but the sentiment is the same - I'm thinking about you.

Now it looks like we could get some weather today in Arkansas, so if you need me, I'll be in my closet. In flats. Stay safe, you guys.

Friday Favorites Remix :: Lavender Pumps

I tweeted about this outfit Wednesday. Sometimes, I can get dressed at 5am and everything just works. Other times, I spend all day and can't get ANYTHING going. That's when I like to reflect on these outfits on the blog and talk about what I would have done differently.

First of all, I would have sized up in this skirt. I found it on the Target clearance rack after trying it on a few weeks before and thinking about buying it at full price - now it's only $6! I couldn't remember if I needed a 4 or 6, but skirts are usually pretty generous on me so I grabbed the 4. I've also been optimistic about losing some fluff and figured I'd fit into it after all of that diet and exercise I promised myself I'd start doing. The end of this story is :: I had to use spanx and they hurt, a lot, and I couldn't finish my Bang Bang Shrimp. You may not see this skirt again unless I lose a thigh.

Secondly, I thought since I couldn't breathe and all it was a "form fitting" skirt and something loose and blousy on top would balance it. In real life, I looked effortless and sexy (in my head, anyway). But that was lost in translation in photos - the lack of waist definition made me look wide instead. I might opt for a more form-fitting top next time, or add a wide belt at the waist to help the silhouette.  I don't regret my choices, I actually quite like the outfit, I just see an opportunity to make it better the next time.

 Finally, I confess - occasionally I photoshop myself to look more how I see me in my head. My mother raised me to believe I was the most beautiful, talented, and fantastic child that has ever existed, so often my big head gets in the way of what I probably look like to everyone else and my ego is slightly hurt when I see pictures of how I really look. This is not for you - it's for me. And it's not every photo, either, I'm not even going to tell you what I do, because it's only certain things that look weird in certain photos. Others are completely untouched. This is a totally vain thing to do, and I'm sorry (but I'm totally still gonna do it). Ladies, we are all beautiful JUST AS WE ARE but some of us need a little help in Photoshop to look how we do in real life. The camera adds 10 lbs. So do the cheese fries. Never forget!

Anyway, this is a lot of rambling for a Friday just to say - aren't these lavender pumps darling? I remixed them this week on accident, actually. I just thought they looked amazing with the skirt and then I held the post for Friday Favorites because they're fabulous. Link up below and show me how you re-wore this week! Happy Friday!

Friday Favorites Link Up!

AJ Wears :: A tutu

Look, I'm not apologizing for today's outfit. I LOVE a grown-up tutu (ie, tulle skirt). Sure, they aren't very practical in day to day life, but on the opposite side of thinking, they're perfect for making day to day life a little more fabulous, a little less mundane. I know I'm not the only one who pretends like she's Carrie Bradshaw when no one is looking.

Maybe I've been watching too much Carrie Diaries lately (LOVE that show), but I was feeling a little Carrie inspired today when I reached for this skirt. It's fun, it's flouncy, and I'm pretty sure the girls at Limited gave me a discount just because they liked my outfit. See? The grown up tutu can be magic.

Also, I wanted to wear these new shoes. They're like, neon coral so that was giving me this awesome 80's vibe. If you missed out on those fabu Zara sandals last summer, snatch these up from JustFab in black!

 Anyway, I wore this to the mall and then went downtown for a photoshoot for my new job (which is radio, btw - they needed some glamour shots to pimp me on the website). Practical? Why not!

Jacket, The Limited.
Top, Express.
Skirt, Forever 21.
Heels, JustFab.
Necklace, Forever 21.