AJ Wears :: A furry hood

IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I woke up and it started snowing today. I thought we'd see nothing more than some nasty slush and ice, but the winds from Canada blew in some flurries and I could not be more thrilled. I had to stop myself from taking prancing snow pictures outside during the small blizzard. I did however, learn my lesson from yesterday. Pants.

 I took this opportunity to wear my obnoxiously day-glo sweater because, why not? Also, it's so ridiculously thick and warm that I can't wear it indoors at all. I keep thinking it achieves that perfect slouchy cozy look (a la Victoria's Secret catalog model) but alas, it's just a normal sweater despite it's retina-burning hue.

Here's a picture of me smelling my coat. MMMM. Smells like freedom and dreams. Actually, it kind of smells like stale Abercrombie, because I bought it at Park Plaza and everything that comes from there ends up with that cologne smell to it because they spray so much. Even if it didn't come from Abercrombie. True story.

Sweater, The Limited (look! an over priced dayglo of your very own).
Jeans, Gap.
Boots, Nabila by JustFab.

What I Wore :: Hello, 2013!

Happy New Year, everyone! I rang in the new year with my dearest friends last night.

I think NYE might be one of my favorite fashion holidays because of my love of sequins. I can't resist wearing something sparkly and fun. Last night was no exception, of course. I found a jazzy little number last minute at Francesca's on super clearance.

 Sparkles + Fur is like, a whole new level.

 Previously mentioned jacket. It was cold, y'all. Last year we sat on the patio on NYE. This year we still have snow on the ground.

 Booties + tights was a popular choice! Those stems belong to me, Elizabeth, and Amy.

 Elizabeth looking sassy in her sparkly frock. Clearly we had the same idea. Also, isn't her bun perfection? She looks like something you'd repin on Pinterest.

 And last but not least, my adorable hubs. Last year, we got engaged on New Years Eve. This year, we're married. It's been a crazy fun year for us! He was looking pretty jazzy himself in his layers.

Sneaking a smooch in before midnight! Happy New Year to all!

Dress, Francesca's Collections.
Boots, Sole Society.
Coat, Forever 21.

What I Wore :: Switching Seasons

Thanksgiving is over - in my head, the Christmas switch has been flipped. Last night I spent all night decorating the tree, pulling out everything I own that's red or green, and listening to Christmas Pandora until I'd heard Santa Baby at least 8 times. There are only so many times you can listen to Santa Baby, regardless of who is singing it.

Aw, look, we have a little porch tree. It lights up and everything. I've also set up two trees of reasonable size in the house, two on the mantel, and I'm thinking I might just keep buying and setting up trees until BB notices, complains, or it's time to take them all down again. You can never have too many trees.

Which brings me to today's outfit. I'm bordering being lost in the woods here, but I love a puffy vest with a furry hood. It's so Canada chic. I scored this one on Black Friday's hangover sale (you know, Saturday) at Banana and instantly fell in love. So soft inside. So warm. SO MUCH FLUFF. The hood comes off, but why would you want it to? Today's look is inspired by my dear friend Elizabeth - I'm matching my vest to my lipstick all because of her.

I'm thinking I may wear it every day. Red for Christmas cheer, warm fuzzy inside for keeping my torso toasty because apparently my arms defy nature and never need warming, and a fur hood for covering my hair from any snow that I may run into (har har). I'm well aware a vest is mostly a fashion statement as they make no sense in a blizzard. But man, wouldn't we all look cute.

Vest, Banana Republic (Super similar for only $25!)
Top, The sleepwear section at Target because why not? It has bears and mooses on it.
Boots, JustFab.