AJ Wears :: A Sparkle Sweatshirt

I love sparkly things. I'm totally a "ooh shiny" kind of person. I think I saw this sweatshirt on instagram or something, so when I saw it in store I pretty much picked it up and walked straight to the checkout counter. Will it fall apart if I ever wash it? Yes. So I try not to sweat too much when I wear it and buy plenty of Febreze. I had to google that. There's only one E.

 I'd also like to take this opportunity to tell you about these jeans (JustFab's Super Skinny Moto), which I've worn pretty much non-stop lately. They're super stretchy and have a nice higher rise, and they kind of feel like they suck everything in like workout pants. The waist is smaller and the hips are bigger, which is a better fit for those of us with birthing hips, and I love the little zipper detail on the back of the legs. They can go super skinny for under boots, but I leave them halfway zipped most of the time. They're quite comfy, if not slightly snug in my true size, so consider going up for a more relaxed fit. I'm thinking about ordering the black ones now too. Y'all know I love my JF denim. It seems to keep getting better, honestly.

Jeans, c/o JustFab.
Sweatshirt, Forever 21 (exact).
Bag, Caper by JustFab.
Boots, Kym by JustFab.

AJ Wears :: A Studded Vest

I think I've figured it out, you guys. I tweeted asking what the heck people wear in the south and still look cute when it gets in the 90s & 100s. I normally give up and go to cut-offs and tank tops (I don't even bother with a bra when the humidity is high...tmi?) but it just gets so BORING. And not exactly what I'd consider "polished". So, I've always been a vest girl, and they're back big time this year, so I'm just going to wear vests this summer. Layers!

To be honest, I bought the vest I'm wearing specifically to go with these jeans. I love the jeans but they're not exactly easy to pair, even with all of the colors in them. I thought the floral + studs would be cool. I don't care if I'm wrong. I took my vest to the mall and bought another vest. I MAY WEAR IT TOMORROW. I'm a rebel like that. And then I realized The Limited had a sale for 50% off starting at 5pm so I sat in the food court and waited like a dork. But it was totally worth it.

 So, that's a lot of words to say, I'm going to wear a lot of vests this summer and y'all can deal. Word.

I'm making my big debut over on Franish with my "BEHIND THE BLOG" today! Go check it out and give her grief for letting someone so small potatoes take over ;)

Vest, Forever 21 (exact, two colors).
Jeans, JustFab.
Shoes, ShoeDazzle.

AJ Wears :: A Khaki Blazer

First things first - this blazer makes me feel like I'm in Miami Vice. It's khaki, not white, but the big boxy shape and light color always make me go, hmmmmm. I'm definitely not in Miami, though. I'm standing on the parking deck at Park Plaza Mall in Little Rock, Arkansas. SAME SAME.

 Second things secondly - taking your own pictures is so dumb. I ended up with about 50 shots of my hair in my face and only one or two I'd ever consider putting on this blog. And a khaki jacket against a similarly colored parking lot? BRILLIANT! I was clearly thinking that one through.

Finally, the shoes. I really tried, you guys. I was going to wear flats today. I had them on and everything. But once I got dressed in this olive top, I thought my matching olive shoes were just too good to pass up. And they looked better with the giant blazer. Just so you know, I really do make an effort to wear flats. But I refuse to sacrifice a cute outfit to them. I'm really bad at wearing flats, I'll admit it.

What I am good at is snapping a goofy photo while I'm walking toward the camera to check my photos. Boom.

Blazer, Forever 21 (similar, less boxy).
Top, The Limited.
Jeans, JustFab.
Shoes, ShoeDazzle.