What I Wore :: To Visit JustFab

Hi friends! I'm currently chillaxing in California for a few days and wanted to share a few fun tidbits (and what I wore, of course) from my trip so far. I'm a brand ambassador for JustFab, and they invited us to come and be a part of their flagship store opening this weekend! The social media team had a great schedule lined up for us on Friday including a lunch and tour of the office, a few fun party games, and cocktails at the office bar (say what?).

 Hanging out in their photo studio. They do all shoots in house and this is where the magic happens.

Just a handful of the other wonderful BAs I got to meet! These girls are all just as passionate about JustFab as I am and most have been members for 2-3 years (and from the start!). We constantly talk about shoes and handbags online, so I felt like I practically knew them before we even met face to face. Lots of laughing happening all weekend, that's for sure.

And I mean...can you BELIEVE these offices?? There are shoes and bags everywhere! I don't know how anyone can concentrate. There was a BIT of a commotion when we walked by this giant wall full of preview prototypes. Don't put a bunch of new shoes in front of a group of women and don't expect them to drool a little.

 Matching flippy floppies for a crazy scavenger hunt at Manhattan Beach.

So far, it's been an amazing trip and I'm so glad I decided to come out and meet the girls and the team at JustFab. Being a BA for them has been such a fun experience so far and I'm hoping to continue for many years to come. Tomorrow I'll be sharing more on the actual store opening!

What I'm wearing - Blazer, Limited. Shirt, MICHAEL Michael Kors. Jeans, JustFab. Shoes, Drae by JustFab. Belt, H&M.

Visitng Oscar

I had the privilege of attending a blogger luncheon yesterday at the Clinton Presidential Center to tour the Oscar de la Renta exhibit celebrating five decades of his work. The exhibit features over 30 gorrrrrgeous pieces he created and walks you through his inspiration from around the world.

What amazed me were the details on his clothing. Every piece was flawlessly constructed with gorgeous hand beading, lace, bows, even flowers made out of tiny pink feathers. Oscar takes his inspiration from cultures spanning the globe, and the collections reflect that.

I'm gonna go ahead and go out on a limb here and say the best part is not just seeing the dresses, but finding out who wore them. There's an entire wall of dresses seen on Hollywood starlets (clearly, the sparkles above) and a collection of pieces the First Lady wore. Hillary Clinton was the first First Lady featured on the cover of Vogue - Oscar's suggestion! He also apparently is the master mind behind her pant suits.

 Now, I didn't want to give away the whole exhibit just in case you wanted to see it for yourself! It's going to be at the Clinton Library through December 1st and is free with admission to the Library. And no, they won't let you try anything on. Bummer! After you've finished drooling, make sure you head downstairs to Forty Two and try the grilled pimento cheese...heaven!

And for my non-Arkansas readers, here's at least one full length photo for you (credit : Nelson Chenault/Clinton Foundation)

 Honestly, the exhibit was inspiring. I was blown away by the craftsmanship and the stories behind his pieces. The seamstress in me wanted to get on the inside of the gowns and check out the serging and hand-stitching. I own two ready-to-wear pieces from Oscar's lower end lines (a black and white coat and a dressing robe) but if I ever need a red carpet look, I know where to make the splurge. Also, huge thanks to Joy and Clinton Center for inviting me to come out. If Oscar's people decide they don't want to ship all of this stuff back to him, you know where to find me.

What I Wore :: Almost Meeting Madden

As you may or may not have read last week on my blog, Steve Madden made a little road trip to Little Rock this weekend! My friends and I all met up at Dillard's to get our picture made and meet the man that made one of my favorite (top 5 all time) shoes.

 There we are! Standing in line. At this point we'd all gotten there and were in high spirits.

 This is the point when he arrived and we realized exactly how many people were ahead of us.

 This is the point where I asked BB to take my picture with the sign because I figured we might not make it to the front of the line before 3:30.

 Oooh, look! Pretty shoes! At this point, we'd discovered there were about 100 girls who'd bought shoes already so they could get in the VIP line to meet him first. Oh, goody. Now we started browsing for shoes to buy so we could be VIP too.

 And this is a girl posing with Steve. I didn't even wait for one that kind of looked like me so I could fake it. At this point we'd given up. We waited an hour and our Un-IP line had not moved so we decided to cut our losses. I was pretty sad, honestly, but I wasn't sure we'd even get a chance to say "What's Up" at this point.

 Regardless, we all still looked cute and got to do a little shopping so it wasn't a day totally lost. We saw Steve and it almost felt like we were a part of something cool. I guess I should have slipped him my card and asked if we could talk later about six-inch Mary Janes and platforms with sparkles.

Regardless, my trusty Jolly booties were a hit. I'm sure he sensed they were there.

A note on the blouse: I love it, and it looks far more expensive than it's $27 price tag, so I'm guessing you guys will too. It appears to be sold out online - but I just bought it last week, so check your Forever 21 store in the Love 21 section! The closest I could find is a little more pricey.

Blouse, Love 21. (similar, Elizabeth and James)
Jeans, JustFab.
Booties, ShoeMint (Similar)
Bag, Bombshell by JustFab.
Necklace, Astoria by JewelMint.