AJ Wears :: Something super summery

I know you thought I'd never wear this skirt again (don't click on that link, it'll make you miss my long hair). And to be honest, as much as I loved it I wasn't sure it was the most re-wearable item in my closet. I had a vision of me wearing it with a hat though, so today I decided to suffer through some hat hair and see what we could come up with.

CHECK OUT MY POSE SKILLZ. I remember this hat being a lot cuter on me. Now it almost looks too tall for my head. I only chose photos where I didn't look like a conehead or straw thumb for today's blog post.

As for you nay-sayers who are like, "Why are you frolicking in a field?", this is actually the empty lot next to my house. One day it will be a luxury patio home that looks identical to every other house in the neighborhood, but for now, it's a field with pretty weeds in it. And as much as I appreciate the color they're adding to this photo,  I also suspect it's a great place for spiders and snakes to hide...of which I am not as much of a fan.

Hat, Target (old).
Skirt, c/o eShakti.
Wedges, does it matter, you can't see them anyway.
Necklace, BaubleBar.

AJ Wears :: A sailboat skirt

I love a full skirt - a fitted, higher waist in proportion with a nice full bottom just makes the prettiest shape. It's classic without being dated, and this silhouette from a range of several decades continues to work today. Plus, hey, I think they look great on me.

When this skirt first arrived from eShakti I could not WAIT to wear it, but thanks to cold weather and dreary days, it didn't feel quite right until this week. I can see myself wearing it this summer with a white tank and a fun straw hat, but for now I layered it over a J.Crew dress for a little extra warmth on a windy day. Look at the sailboats. LOOK AT THEM. They're so cute. I'm in love. I can confidently say I'm addicted to eShakti skirts - I had this one customized to hit above the knee and I love the length!

 I already have another one or two skirts in my cart, so even though they bribed me with a skirt to win my affection, I can confidently say I will shop here again in the future, especially since I can customize the skirts to my height (which is kind of short). If they've won you over too, you can use coupon code "JWERSCLTHE" to get 20% off until March 20th. Boom.

PS - it's hard to tell with the lighting - but notice anything different about my hair? I've got a fun vlog coming your way soon!

Dress as a top, J.Crew.
Skirt, c/o eShakti.
Shoes, Gianni Bini.

AJ Wears :: A Winter Maxi

 I jumped on the maxi bandwagon pretty much when they first came "in" - which means I purchased several questionably shaped and horribly patterned maxi dresses from Target that were more appropriate for a trip to the pool than the mall. I've since wised up and learned that if you're going to have a giant bag covering 95% of your body, at least make sure it's not ruffled, patterned, or ugly.

 Thankfully, this EShakti skirt is none of those things. Look at that gorgeous pleating! It adds just enough interest that it's not a lumpy giant bag (love the defined waist). It is about 5 inches too long, though, which is totally my fault. EShakti actually lets you custom order any of their clothes, so instead of just ordering my standard size, I could have ordered it in a length more suited to someone 5'2". Oops. Instead, I'm wearing my highest heels here. I might hem it for summer so I can wear flat sandals underneath. Oh, I'm forgetting the best part. POCKETS.

What's the consensus on the maxi skirt? Should it just be saved for summer, or can we layer it up for other seasons?

Skirt, c/o EShakti (same skirt, different color)
Jacket, Forever 21.
Bag, JustFab.
Jewelry, JewelMint.