AJ Wears :: Leather Pants

 Leather pants are not exactly a "year round" kind of staple. Honestly, I don't even know what possessed me to buy these in the first place, but I'm kind of glad I did. They've got a way of making any outfit instantly cooler (although I live in constant fear that I'll end up like Ross every time I go to the bathroom). I picked these up at Forever a few years ago for cheap, because something as ridiculous as pleather covering the entire bottom half of your body is certainly what I'd consider trendy and not worth the splurge - unless you're always Olivia Newton John at Halloween. Two pop culture references in one blog? What am I, Gilmore Girls?

 This is also the coat I mentioned on Twitter the other day, and I'm pretty pleased with it for a $10 purchase. The sweater sleeves are just kind of fun and different. I also finally stretched these shoes out enough that they're comfortable to wear.

If you are in the market for some faux leather pants, I suggest you search for a pair that's got less sheen. Shinier pleathers come off cheap and kind of dominatrix-y. I also like that these have a nice high waist, so I don't get leather muffin top. Or, if you're not totally convinced, try a coated denim! It's a lot more comfortable but still has that cool leather look. I liked these at NY&Co.

Pants, Forever 21 (similar).
Coat, Forever 21.
Shoes, ShoeDazzle.
Necklace, Baublebar.

AJ Wears :: A furry hood

IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I woke up and it started snowing today. I thought we'd see nothing more than some nasty slush and ice, but the winds from Canada blew in some flurries and I could not be more thrilled. I had to stop myself from taking prancing snow pictures outside during the small blizzard. I did however, learn my lesson from yesterday. Pants.

 I took this opportunity to wear my obnoxiously day-glo sweater because, why not? Also, it's so ridiculously thick and warm that I can't wear it indoors at all. I keep thinking it achieves that perfect slouchy cozy look (a la Victoria's Secret catalog model) but alas, it's just a normal sweater despite it's retina-burning hue.

Here's a picture of me smelling my coat. MMMM. Smells like freedom and dreams. Actually, it kind of smells like stale Abercrombie, because I bought it at Park Plaza and everything that comes from there ends up with that cologne smell to it because they spray so much. Even if it didn't come from Abercrombie. True story.

Sweater, The Limited (look! an over priced dayglo of your very own).
Jeans, Gap.
Boots, Nabila by JustFab.

What I Wore :: Oklahoma Boots

Oh, Hi friends. Just blogging here from windy Oklahoma City. Why, you ask? Because my sister is graduating from college tomorrow and we're here to celebrate! Hurrah! It's all very exciting. Plus, a weekend away is always a welcome adventure.

What do you pack for a weekend away? Well, if you're me, you even wrote DOWN "coat" to remember to grab a coat from the coat closet, and then forgot to bring a coat. Doh! Thankfully we dropped by the outlets when we got to OKC and I was able to snag this adorable toggle coat from Gap (for only $27...score!). Crisis averted.

 And now here's a picture of how cold I might have been if I hadn't bought a coat:

 See me trying to look cool? Total fail, unless by "cool" I mean "dang, it's cold". Clearly, it's windy here. I lost my bangs in this picture. The coat went back on. Immediately.

These are my Oklahoma boots. I love the tribal blanket thing going on here, and they got a ton of attention and compliments all day, but I gotta level with you guys - these things stink. They smell like straight up oil or gasoline and it was strong enough that I had to put them in the trunk while we were traveling. Oh fashion, you are a pain.

Check out this cool outdoor fireplace I found at the outlets. After a trip to Claire's for a giant sock bun helper and some nail polish remover, we headed downtown for some burgers at this adorable little place that was playing CHRISTMAS MOVIES on a big screen. Elf was on when we got there and Christmas Vacation came on at 10. BB had to practically drag me out.

The moral of this story is: Some boots smell bad, and if you want a new coat, just leave yours at home. *wink*

Coat, Gap (similar).
Sweater, Victoria's Secret.
Jeggings, The Limited.
Stinky Boots, ShoeDazzle.