Friday Favorites Remix :: Black and White Blazer

Back to Life! Back to Reality! (omg click this) We'll end the week with a remix. Except, the past two weeks have kind of ALL been a remix so I just pulled from one of my recent Friday Faves and threw this blazer on.

I tend to dress this blazer up, so I kind of wish I'd tried flats or Chucks with today's remix after looking back at the other outfits. I should also try more color with it. That's why I love these remixes! They give me ideas!

How did you guys remix this week?? Link up below!

AJ Wears :: A bow tank

I love this tank. I think I bought it at Ross for like $6 when I was at my parents house because I ran out of clothes or something. I'm just so into EMBELLISHMENT, you know? Especially when I tell stories. I talk with my hands and a lot of hyperboles.

This outfit took me patio'ing for the afternoon. We sat out on Revolution's patio and watched people and made harsh judgements on their outfit choices (I'm looking at you, dude in the purple socks with shorts). The weather has been just delightful lately.

Another super discount store find - I picked up these Coach sandals in Dallas at TJ Maxx for $40 - a high price for sandals, but a cheap one for real leather and Coach! I think they were originally listed around $200 so I'm pleased with the purchase. I've found I wear my leather sandals I splurged a bit on more often during the summer, just because they're more comfortable and look less ragged than the pairs I bought at Target. In college. Okay, I might need to examine my sandal wardrobe and make some upgrades this summer. Just rest easy knowing you won't see me in flip flops. Ever.

Tank, Ross (similar).
Skirt, Forever 21 (exact).
Sandals, Coach (These are similar and $30!).
Bag, Coach Mini Willis (exact).

AJ Wears :: A Studded Vest

I think I've figured it out, you guys. I tweeted asking what the heck people wear in the south and still look cute when it gets in the 90s & 100s. I normally give up and go to cut-offs and tank tops (I don't even bother with a bra when the humidity is high...tmi?) but it just gets so BORING. And not exactly what I'd consider "polished". So, I've always been a vest girl, and they're back big time this year, so I'm just going to wear vests this summer. Layers!

To be honest, I bought the vest I'm wearing specifically to go with these jeans. I love the jeans but they're not exactly easy to pair, even with all of the colors in them. I thought the floral + studs would be cool. I don't care if I'm wrong. I took my vest to the mall and bought another vest. I MAY WEAR IT TOMORROW. I'm a rebel like that. And then I realized The Limited had a sale for 50% off starting at 5pm so I sat in the food court and waited like a dork. But it was totally worth it.

 So, that's a lot of words to say, I'm going to wear a lot of vests this summer and y'all can deal. Word.

I'm making my big debut over on Franish with my "BEHIND THE BLOG" today! Go check it out and give her grief for letting someone so small potatoes take over ;)

Vest, Forever 21 (exact, two colors).
Jeans, JustFab.
Shoes, ShoeDazzle.