AJ Wears :: A thrifted blazer

I've been inspired recently by all of the incredible bloggers I follow that have that coveted knack for thrifting. I used to scour Goodwill on a weekly basis in high school looking for plaid school girl skirts and ties (okay, okay, I MIGHT have gone through an Avril phase...!). But somewhere in adulthood and the opening of Forever 21, I decided I'd just buy cheap clothes and that was that. Besides the odd vintage piece I picked up at (overpriced) vintage stores or online, I haven't done much in the way of thrifting lately.

Thanks to countless posts from you guys of your ridiculously awesome finds, I decided to try my hand at it again. There's something about finding a great piece in a sea of castoffs that gets my blood pumping. And it doesn't hurt that vintage and older pieces are scarce - making it easier to get a more unique look. I hit up my neighborhood Goodwill yesterday to do a little digging and found this J. Crew blazer...and I love it. I love the contrasting lining and the pretty olive color. And I love that not only was it $5, it's built better than anything I would have bought at Forever 21. I might have to make treasuring hunting a weekly venture from here on out. Please excuse my smug face in this blog post. I was feeling pretty darn proud of myself.

 Blazer, J. Crew (thrifted - similar at ModCloth).
Scarf, The Limited (similar under $20).
Sweater, Forever 21.
Sunglasses, JustFab (and a little obsessed).
Booties, JustFab.

AJ Wears :: A printed skirt

I've never understood what was classified as "sportswear". It looks like blazers and skirts and khakis to me, but if you asked me what sportswear was, I'd probably say yoga pants. I could google it, but I'm a very busy blogger and have absolutely no time for malarkey like that. The end of this story is, I think these sandals are sporty. Like little basketballs or something. I don't know why, but that's why I'm describing this outfit as sporty. But it's a skirt...so it's also sweet. Get it?

This skirt arrived this weekend from Amazon and I loooooove it. Originally sold for $90, I snagged it for $20. I'm looking to add more fun skirts into my wardrobe, and this one is much nicer than anything I would have found at Forever. Yay, look at me, I'm trying to be versatile and make smarter purchases. Hurrah!

Fun necklace made of rings. I could take it apart and wear them if I wanted to, but then I wouldn't have a necklace. Today we hit up Gap friends and family sale and then ate some burritos at Moe's. This is what you wear  when you do that. LIVING THE DREAM.

Skirt, Kenneth Cole.
Blazer, Target.
Necklace, JewelMint.
Shoes and Bag, JustFab.

AJ Wears :: A sailboat skirt

I love a full skirt - a fitted, higher waist in proportion with a nice full bottom just makes the prettiest shape. It's classic without being dated, and this silhouette from a range of several decades continues to work today. Plus, hey, I think they look great on me.

When this skirt first arrived from eShakti I could not WAIT to wear it, but thanks to cold weather and dreary days, it didn't feel quite right until this week. I can see myself wearing it this summer with a white tank and a fun straw hat, but for now I layered it over a J.Crew dress for a little extra warmth on a windy day. Look at the sailboats. LOOK AT THEM. They're so cute. I'm in love. I can confidently say I'm addicted to eShakti skirts - I had this one customized to hit above the knee and I love the length!

 I already have another one or two skirts in my cart, so even though they bribed me with a skirt to win my affection, I can confidently say I will shop here again in the future, especially since I can customize the skirts to my height (which is kind of short). If they've won you over too, you can use coupon code "JWERSCLTHE" to get 20% off until March 20th. Boom.

PS - it's hard to tell with the lighting - but notice anything different about my hair? I've got a fun vlog coming your way soon!

Dress as a top, J.Crew.
Skirt, c/o eShakti.
Shoes, Gianni Bini.